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Homosexuality and Marriage

Argumentative Response

Controversial debates have been on the rise on whether gay marriages should be allowed in the society. Marriage is a key institution in the society. There are many reasons for marriage that may not apply to homosexuals. Gay marriages should not be allowed because marriage is traditional and morally for heterosexuals. This will cause a lot of chaos in the society, which will destroy the institution of marriage. Homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle and against the societies morals and, therefore, should not be encouraged at all grounds.

Gay marriages should not be allowed majorly because it is not morally upright, and it is a not normal for the society. Marriages were traditionally formed for the man woman companionship. Since the introduction of heterosexual marriages, there have never been any problems associated with these marriages. Gay marriages will serve to erode the good things on heterosexual marriages. A family set up consists of the mother, father and children because marriage and children go together. Gay family setup goes against this normal family traditional setup. Marriage is purposely for recreation and homosexuals cannot biologically procreate. This is one purpose for marriage, and if it cannot be achieved then homosexual marriage becomes purposeless while lesbian marriages will choose to adopt children or opt for artificial implantation.

Immoralities such as sex with children are also encouraged by such homosexuals, virtues that are very unacceptable in the society. When parents are of the same sex, this means that children lack a role model of the opposite sex. Marriage functions to enroll different sexualities to different tasks in life, which homosexuality cannot achieve. Marriages also serve the purpose of support and guidance to children to make them have upright moral values. Children living with gay parents will a more likely be like them. It is unlikely for gay parents to expect their children to grow as straight children this is because as they are brought up, they accept this kind of lifestyle as normal. Parents as role models may influence children to behave like them. This will confuse the children because they will fail to understand how one will expect them to be straight while as their parents you are not.

Marriage originated from religion. This implies that marriage is a religious thing and homosexual marriage is a sinful lifestyle. God says various things about marriage and how people should go about it. He created man and woman for the purposes of procreation and ordered them to do so, gay marriages do not fulfill this purpose, and this threatens future generations. The story of Adam and Eve has a moral teaching and no one can dismiss the relevance. God had a plan and created nature according to holy matrimony and gays relationships defiles this holy matrimony. God is against gay marriages because he specifies heterosexual marriages in the bible and this makes gay marriages null from a religious point-of-view, and above all gay marriages hinder procreation hence directly or indirectly hinders economic growth associated with population.

Gay marriages are mostly there because of business purposes. Some want marriage so that they can share equal benefits like heterosexual couples. This shows how marriage will lose its meaning when gay marriages are allowed. This is because the family institution has many accomplishments to make like strengthening the family ties.

Naturally, men and women are different in emotions and how they think. Family sometimes serves the purpose of taming men because they are mostly found to be wild. It also serves the purpose of support to the man unlike gay relationships where they all serve the same purpose this leads to an imbalance.

Counter thesis

Inevitable changes in the social setup of life are expected. It varies from marriage where everyone has same rights, to development of the same sex marriages. It has raised issues concerning what is good or bad when talking about gay marriages and heterosexual marriages. This, in turn, calls for reforms where the society accepts everyone's views. Barring any class of people from exercising their freedom, becomes a major concern pertaining the abnegation of right to marry. This discriminates a part of the society for no rational reason. This in turn denies them certain rights, which as adults they should be free to choose what is right. It is also because the principles of democracy justify these rights; freedom from discrimination and association is a mockery to the constitution, which supports these rights.

Gay marriage is worthy of consideration because people should have equal rights. Civil unions and other arrangements are not sufficient, and they need marriage rights like heterosexuals. It is not useful to preach equal rights while other people are denied their happiness. People should be allowed to choose who they should marry, and commit to for the rest of their lives, without interference from the state. Homosexuals look for various reasons to sanctify their marriages. Gays claim that they should be allowed to marry because of love. Other marriages are always justified because of the existence of love. They should also be allowed, because, they can have children through adoption just like every other family from the love they have.

Gays argue that as much as there are morals and religion, they also have their secular morals. These secular morals allow them to have same sex marriage. It means that not everyone has to follow religious values. It is not wrong to fall in love so from the basis of love, it justifies a marriage both in homosexuals and heterosexuals. Homosexuals should not be denied the moral good of getting married because of morals, and no one can tell between what is upright moral and what is not. Atheists cannot follow the religion so it is not right for them to be subjected to religious values, which they do not recognize.

Counter thesis response

People have equal rights as long as these rights do not interfere with others. Gay's rights tend to interfere with the future generation by instilling values, which tend to be immoral. There has not been any genetically proven gene that causes this abnormal character in a person. This implies that those who are not straight in the society it is because of influence from one person, or such thoughts being instilled to them. Legalizing homosexuality will have an impact on how the society understands family rights and nature of family rights. This will make them jeopardize nature of family set up, and they will feel it is okay to be gay.

Other than love, there are essential things that factorize the importance of marriage. Having children is one essential requirement, which the gay couples achieve through adoption of children. These children come from heterosexual relationships. This makes the gay relationships go against the nature of family, where the children are not of the same genes with the parents' it detaches them from the family setup. When the children are not natural, it means there is no family. Lesbians use genes from fertile men to get them pregnant so as to bear children. Loving everyone is important, but we do not have to promote their thoughts or actions when we believe they are not acting in the right way.

Welfare of the children who are adopted also raises concern. This is because these children will not have upright morals. It is not expected for someone to associate with thieves and not become a thief. It would be obvious that these children will not have straight relationships. Recognizing marriages' primary role as procreation is important because this disapproves gay marriages.

Gays want to be given the right to marry just to be equal with the heterosexuals. Gays should be satisfied with the civil unions and not more. If love is what brings them together, then they should not demand more because they have been proven to be short of the qualifications to make a family. The definition of marriage is a union between man and woman, so gay marriage does not qualify to be a marriage. It is something else that should not be compared to marriage, and their rights should not even be compared to heterosexual marriage. Rights and different laws have been passed because of the good influence it can place on the society. They are passed regarding the interest of the state. Homosexual marriages do not provide any good influence to the society it just promotes immoral, disapproved activities.

Homosexuality does not give rise to any civil rights. The claimed civil rights if protected would mean neglecting the moral fiber of the society. The morality of the society is very important because it acts as a check to different aspects of life. When this moral aspect is ignored, it means that the society loses its meaning totally. Many laws are formed based on morality, and once it is ignored, it will mean morality should not be considered in different aspects of laws, which will lead to chaotic situations. Activists will push for…[continue]

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