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bleep do we know." The documentary has been chosen based on the fact that it has highlighted various issues that relate to the quantum uncertainty, spirituality, evolutionary thought and neurological processes that are an important part of life. The documentary has gained great success all over the world and has been known for a great cinematic blend of drama and comedy. Some of the main facts that have been mentioned in the documentary will be supported with the help of a case study. The documentary will be explained in detail with the characters that have been used in the movie to display the processes being the base of the documentary. In the end of the paper, recommendations will be made that will be related to the changes that are needed in the society in relation to the concepts presented in the paper.


What bleep do we know is one of the documentaries that have gained great importance and worldwide success in the world? One of the most important terms that are used for the movie is reality shattering movie. The film critics have added that they cannot come to terms with the fact of category where the movie needs to be placed. Festival arrangers and programmers are the ones who are still looking into the fact that the movie has gained greater than anticipated levels of success and the movie needs to be listed in their catalogs (Arntz, Chasse, and Vicente 45). An important fact that needs to be mentioned here is that the movie has immense power to capture the minds of the viewer. Greater capacity of the movie to blend the minds of the viewers is another important fact. The documentary has been created by three people, William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente. The movie has been known as a low budget movie. The main strategies that were used to market the movie were based on viral marketing. With three directors, three different dimensions have been given to the film. Three different directors have added three different genres in one movie that also plays a great role in the success of the movie. The movie was released in the year 2004. The movie has been defined as being pseudoscientific.

One of the main aims of the movie is to show that there is a close link between quantum physics and consciousness. The film can be called as an animation that has in depth explored the science of inner human beings along with cells that are always in motion being an important part of our lives. The documentary has included the interviews of modern days most important scientists belonging to various fields along with certain academics and mystics. The feature film includes various artists that include Marlee Matlin, and Elaine Hendrix as leading actors.

The movie has more subjectivity than what can be thought of it. One of the most important questions that have been highlighted in the movie is in relation to the reasons of situations that are faced by all human beings currently. The answer that appears is 'we, ourselves'. The fact that has been mentioned in the movie is that the face of the current life that the individuals have is because of the individuals themselves. This has been scientifically linked to the fact that life becomes what the individuals perceive of it. This is the point in the movie where an important character of the movie, Marlee Matlin comes on the stage playing the role of Amanda. Amanda is a photographer who is trying to get rid of her failures from the past (Aertsa, Broekaerta, and Gaborab 137). However, she is so wrapped in her past that she is unable to see her success and happiness wrapped in her present. From here the movies changes and shows that the universe decides to show her what the reality is, what her present is and what her future holds for her. The first reality tutorial comes to Amanda from a kid playing basketball in the court. He shows her the reality by adding that the human beings only focus on the facts that are apparent and that can be seen easily. The kid tells Amanda that if focus is given only to the physical piece of the matter, it has a single existence as it exists at one place at one time. It depends on how we look at the matter that makes it exists is more than one dimensions and places. This is the fact that defines the aspect of quantum physics in the movie. One of the most important aspects that with this one small fact, the reality related to Amanda begins to open and she begins to realize the importance of her present time. This is just one example of how the reality can unravel and how it can transform into certain sets of cosmos that are controlled by the human cells. These facts have been highlighted in the documentary in an important manner with inspiring animation (Arntz, Chasse, and Vicente 20).

An important fact that adds more to the movie is that numerous physicists, quantum physicists, biologists have been interviewed in the movie and all of these have highlighted one important fact that simple quantum physics can make great changes in the way individuals perceive life. The quantum physics cannot only affect the daily lives but also the levels of spirituality of a person. These facts can be better understood when the views can see in the movie how Amanda ends up finding herself inside rabbit hole. This scene shows that there are varieties of environments that are faced by the human brain in order to reveal the fact of how reality really works (Sun 61). Amanda is thereby a representation of a typical individual who is stuck in his past and is trying to cope with the failures that have been faced in the past. These failures are represented by a solid basketball by the kid and what lies in the future and in the present beyond the ball is what Amanda needs to see and connect to (Tressoldi 582).

Amanda is an important part of the movie and she represents any common miserable human being who lives a life composed of bad behaviors, bad decisions, unaccounted for mistakes and decisions, and miserable relationships. The movie connects the viewer to the time of realization that great potential exists in the human mind and body based on which great changes can be made in the life of an individual. Second important fact that connects the viewer to the reality is in relation to the real worth of life that has been proven in the movie with the help of certain scientific evidence (Nitta 55).

General Analysis

Success of the movie is based on the fact that a greater proportion of the population is now looking into an importance of spiritual connection and choices are more. It is important to be mentioned here that in a very artistic manner, the link between quantum physics and cognitive therapy has been created (Castagnoli 857). One of the weaker points of the movie is a jump from cognition to large and wider spiritual beliefs that were not presented in a fruitful manner. It can be added here that in relation to the modern times, the documentary can be regarded as an answer to the more traditionally religious movies as the Passion of the Christ. Spiritual and philosophical beliefs of the new age philosophy have been represented in the documentary. In most of the cases, traditional religious moral values have been challenged (Wilson 2048). An individual creates his or her own reality is the underlining fact of the movie. In addition to the main ideas that have been highlighted in the sections above, additional ideas that increase the importance of the movie include;

1. An important source of the construction of universe is the thought or an idea rather a substance (Khrennikova, and Havenb 378),

2. Space that looks empty, in actual, is filled and not empty.

3. All matter that looks solid to the eyes of an individual is not solid, in fact, it I made up of a group of electrons that have their own energy (McCarthya 202).

4. One of the most important facts that have been mentioned in the movie is in relation to the beliefs that an individual has. It has been mentioned that the beliefs are what shape the reality of an individual, the situations that are faced by an individual and realities that are faced by the individual (Arecchi 205).

5. Science has been linked in an interesting way with the reality. The reality in these cases is the emotions that are faced by the individual. The movie has mentioned that all kinds of chemical reactions that take place in the body are responsible for the creation and shaping of emotions (Aerts, Broekaert, and Gabora 137).


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