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Many are occasions when children are born and disowned by their parents. It cannot be so untraditional for a gay couple to take that child into custody, and ensure that children receive the best care deserved. In fact, it is relevant to note that children raised by gay couples receive parental care and love just like those raised by the opposite sex families..

There is nothing defiant about gay marriages (Hannum 12). In fact, people should look at the causes of gay affiliations before making any accusations on the gays. Historical and psychological researches support the existence of gays. The history of gay couple's dates several years back like in the ancient Greece where evidence of homosexual existence rests. Lesbos was an island in Greece where lesbians lived, and that is evident of the long-lived lifestyle. Researchers evidence the existence of gay behavior to biological, other than, genetic misplacement. In most gays, there exists secondary resemblance of opposite sex characteristics like soft voices, on males and cheekbones on females. These are effects of hormonal switches, which make gay marriages inevitable and less deserving of discrimination (Shulman, Gabrielle & Robert 158-181).


Marriage is supposed to be a happy institution and not a source of pain. For that matter, it only remains possible that religion is a support of pain if it allows people to unite in holy matrimony, then inflict pain on each other without consideration of the hurt they cause to their families and, furthermore, to themselves as they preserver the pains of sticking to marriages that hold no joy. Furthermore, there should be freedom of religious choices and no religion should influence the legality or illegality of gay marriages because it is not a criminal activity (Hannum 12). For a gay couple, children is not some natural doing of biology, gay couples respect the need of children, which they face and incorporate the search for children into the fulfillment of their joy within the marriage (Case & Briana 172-177).

This makes it realistic to say that gay parents are more reasonable in getting children than other couples because many are occasions when people conceive without planning, and the result of the conception leads to unwanted, mistreated and stressed up children. Streets are full of runaway children from families that do not value them. When a gay couple settles on having a child, it is a decision made soundly and readiness for the provision and protection of the child. The church may condemn gay marriages while gay bashers may beat gay couples, and ridicule may come from co-workers, family and friends, but that is not limiting enough to deter biological expressions of gay characters in people. Denial of the marriages, therefore, is an exemplification of minority discrimination, similar to infringement of the bill of rights of personal choices. The society needs to form a clear understanding of the position of gay marriages in the society, before it can discount it, instead of making decisions out of


This leads to controversies over the issue of legalizing gay marriages in many countries. Traditional reason denying the authenticity of gay marriages exists just the same way, traditional evidences of the existence of gay marriages. Those defending the illegality of gay marriages have their arguments revolving around the religious corrosion, unnaturalness of the gay marriage institution and the infiltration of vices into pure lifestyles and norms of the society. The norms, which society brags about have been destroyed within the straight marriages that it supports. Gay marriages come up resultant to biological misplacements, and that should not be used to condemn them (Galli 30).

Through the research, I have managed to form a liberal opinion on the topic of gay marriages. I have managed to understand the controversies held by both sides of the controversy and that leaves me with the opinion of wanting to find even more regarding the implication of gay marriages in the society (Hannum 12). I have learned that as much as marriages are religious and naturally defined for procreation, the issue of happiness within the marriages is wanting. Furthermore, it also got clear that gay parents have a natural feeling for having children. That may not be natural since they cannot have children of their own, but, considering the factor liberally, the many neglected children in the society would receive adequate parental support in the hands of gay partners instead of struggling in meager conditions.

There is too much difference in the manner of definition of gay marriages, and it means that people have to be liberal and accommodating to each other's opinions and rights (MacIntosh, Elke & Heather 79-90). Religion may define opposite sex marriages as the best for the society, but it is important that it accommodate the existence of diversity of opinions from other people (Karpel 18). Failure to do so, an era of marital discrimination may rise, and that is an explicit denial of human rights not fit for incorporation into any country's legal aspect. The issue of gay marriages is, therefore, in need of more research (Shulman, Gabrielle & Robert 158-181). It is through research, which shows conflicting ideas existing in the topic can receive deserved considerations, which would take away the religious, legal, biological, social and natural implicating confusions on the topic (Case & Briana 172-177). The confusions in underlying the issue of gay marriages must be considerate enough to find a fair platform for the provision of happy relationships without judgmental implications along narrow lines.

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