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President Richard Nixon chose to ignore and through the whole report into the garbage. Instead, he had the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) created and were given authority enter homes without knocking and to use wiretaps and gather intelligence virtually on anyone Milestones. In the 1980's President Ronald Reagan continued the war by advocated his own war and it was estimated that due to these wars, someone was arrested on a violation of a marijuana law every 38 seconds.

Thankfully, these wars have become more focused on the real drug problems that are primarily synthetic or man made or used in ways never imagined. But heroin and methamphitamines are clearly not health regimens. They kill people every day, cause real crimes and ruin families, lives and destroys entire groups.

The first step in changing the view of marijuana began with the legalization for medical usage. The compassions for the ill allowed California to pass the first medical marijuana law in the country in 1996 Milestones. It was followed by several states including Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Rhodie Island, Vermont and Washington have all passed a version of medical marijuana Milestones. Other states are consdietedlegalization marijuana and will be watching what happens in California.

The effects of marijuana use have been studied however, such studies have certain limitations and findings. Most are unanimous in that marijuana use is not addictive, not a gateway drug to harder drugs and has few negatives effects.

The positive effects appear to be primarily related to the THC in the marijuana and is used most among terminally ill patients Schaffer Drug Library. It is useful in treating pain, nausea, appetite loss caused by advanced cancer and AIDS and also acts as a sedative and reduces anxiety Schaffer. It is believed to have more therapeutic benefits perhaps with epilepsy and glaucoma. It also appears that in cases of patients with Multiple Sclerosis it gives suffers greater help than any drug Schaffer.

The negative impact appears to be short-term memory loss, reduction in sperm production and possibility an effect to prostrate cancer however these are not clear.

A good example of how people will be used to create fear is evident from the past. A retired trial Judge, Jim Gray, wrote a letter addressing some concerns since he supports the legalization of marijuana and is using his experience to make this statement Judge Jim Gray.

In the letter he said that to say it sends the wrong message to children is nor more true than saying the same thing about the message they receive about alcohol use or tobacco Gray. The accessibility and damages and danger regarding marijuana are already in place, if harm is to be had, so such claims are baseless.

The Judge goes on to say that wasting tax dollars on raids for illegal marijuana crops would be put to better use by putting the drug cartels out of business Gray.

In his letter he focused on the issue of children being used as sellers and users of marijuana. That children are solicited by drug dealers to make money and sell to their friends and the legalization of marijuana would end this terrible crime to children Gray. Drug dealers don't I.D. Their customers and anti-gang strategy to legalize marijuana would stop the use of children to be initiated in order to recruit and make money selling marijuana. It would reduce gang membership and stop gang initiations.

The fear portion of legalizing marijuana as the letter from the Judge states goes back to the entire propaganda machine starting in the 1930's. By convincing people of th e supposed dangers and problems of marijuana use the entire machine has caused the same problem to still exist in 2010. People will be approached through the media by the opponents of the legislation by calling on the fear mongering of the last 50 years. Crime will increase, violence will go on a rampage, our youth will become even more vulnerable and harder drugs will come on the scene if marijuana is legalized. If the proponent of the measure are given the funds and opportunity to get the proper message out, about the revenue and safety the laws the bill actually place upon everyone regarding how the whole legalization process will function, perhaps more people will view the proposal with an open mind. It is hoped that California would be the one state where such a revolution could occur.

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