How Climate Change Can Be Positively Impacted Through Consumer Eating Habits Essay

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Food security is quickly becoming a very contentious and combative issue within society. Not only are populations rising at an alarming rate relative to available land capacity, overall family consumption of goods and services is also increasing. In addition, the rise of climate change and its impacts on surrounding communities heavily impacts the ability to nations to provide sustainable food solutions for its constituents. Finally, economic conditions have created adverse circumstances by which producers of food have an incentive to cater to certain market segments while neglecting others. These economic factors combined with climate change have created a circumstance by which overall food sustainability within the world is threatened. This threat has manifested itself over many years and require bold and decisive action to correct. Here, not only should the United Nations take bold action, but individual countries must look to collaborate with one another to improve societal well-being (Alviola, 2013).

Climate change and global warming are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same phenomenon. What are the differences between the two concepts and what leads to the confusion between them?

The primary difference between global warming and climate change is the overall scope of both elements. Here, climate change is much broader and focused on the overall changes of climate over time. These changes include various element outside the scope of planetary warming such as precipitation, temperature, wind patterns, and other climate features. Global warming is heavily focused on the change in global temperature as it relates to human activity and its ability to generate green house gas emissions. A particular focus is to place mandates on emissions that include restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions (Denkenberger, 2015).

These terms are often confused as political and social media discourse often does not make this distinction. Likewise, global warming is a subsegment of the climate change. As a result, both terms are often used interchangeably as they are similar to the general public. This combined with the with the misuse of the terms in general public discourse contributes to the overall confusion related to the terms (Bartfeld, 2003).

According to the Earth and climate science community, if the Earths surface temperature rises another 2C (3.6F), we will suffer catastrophic weather patterns that, among other things, will raise sea levels, cause widespread droughts and wildfires, result in plant, insect, and animal extinctions, and reduce agricultural productivity throughout the world (Mastroianni, 2015 and Lindsey & Dahlman, 2020). How much credibility do you place in these projections? Why?

Projections are inherently incorrect as they attempt to predict an uncertain future. Many predictions are simply false and incorrect, with numerous examples being seen in industries outside of meteorology. For example, a very common form of projection occurs in the business and economic community. Here, these forecasts often look to project economic elements such as interest rates, GDP growth, or corporate earnings. Inevitably, these projects are often proven incorrect 50% of the time. As a result, these projects amount to no more than a coin flip as it relates to their accuracy of predicting outcomes. The same occurs with other predictive aspects that claim to look far into the future. Weather predictions for example have proven to be very inaccurate 30 days out. However, predictions become much more accurate the shorter the time frame. Here, the same study found that weather forecasts out 14 days where accurate by around 85%. As a result, I personally do not place much credibility to a forecast that is inherently uncertain and will most likely…midwestern part of the United States (Fraser, 2015). This drought resulted in significant food and economic losses due to reductions in barge traffic, the volume of goods carried, and the number of Americans employed by the tugboat industry (Cottrell, 2019).

U.S. authorities insist that misuse of its assistance is not occurring because it has strict monitoring oversight in place. What is your position on this matter? Is there evidence that financial assistance to developing governments is being widely misused by government officials?

Yes there is evidence of misuse of developing governments around the world. Third world countries have been notorious for corruption and mismanagement of resources. Many examples have occurred in Latin America and in Africa. First many of these countries have misused their currency resulting in rapid inflation and devaluation. This devaluation in countries such as Zimbabwe, Argentina, Haiti, and Cuba have all had an adverse impact on the misuse of fiancial assistance. First, a devaluation of the currency ultimately undermined the financial assistance provided by other partner countries. Here, the ability to invest and promote proper programs is heavily reduced as financial assistance losses its value within the respective country due to inflation. Likewise, the investments required to provide sustainable food security programs also increase due to inflation and mismanagement of currency. This undermines investment in the country as aid not only losses value over time, but requires every increasing amount of aid in subsequent years.

Outside of fiscal and monetary policy, governments themselves have become corrupt and used financial assistance for personal gain as oppose to assisting the community at large. African has be a primary culprit of this mismanagement and have used financial assistance as a means of manipulating the general population to adhere to the governments policies or face starvation.…

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