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The 11th Hour (film):

Global warning/climate change impacts all of humanity, and therefore it is not a local but a global concern that requires multidisciplinary intervention (general point made throughout film).

Weather and climate issues have been in the mainstream media, and events are happening more frequently (beginning of film).

Climate change can be framed as a matter of national security, and there may be "environmental refugees," (middle of film).

The rate of decline and tragedy is accelerating at a rapid pace, making immediate intervention necessary (throughout the film).

Existing and emerging technologies provide the solution (toward the end of the film)

Essence of Permaculture

Permaculture is an extension of "systems thinking" (3)

Permaculture is not just about land use but about a whole method of living and sustaining human communities that goes beyond food and energy and toward lifestyle (3)

The Permaculture Design Course " has been the prime vehicle for permaculture inspiration and training worldwide," (4).

Impediments to permaculture include the perpetuation of consumerism in the dominant culture (4).

Permaculture is based on both science and ethics (7).

We Are All Related

Human beings are made of the same substances, literally, as every…

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