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As scientist come up with new technology for the welfare of mankind in this world they end up producing luxuries. The attitude of the people towards the environment is changing due to the fact that they need more and more luxuries and this makes them destroy the environment, and this make environment to be polluted in different forms.

In the act of mankind living luxuriously, they sometime use instruments such as air conditioners, fridges and others that do release C.F.Cs in the environment leading to deplete of the ozone layer, Paul Kennard (2006). According to researches the depletion of ozone layer during 19th century when there was no much use of such things, is compared with for 20th century, it has been found that there is 50% increase of the depletion. Deforestation uncontrollable for the purpose of building with the aim of accommodation tends to raise the content of oxygen within the atmosphere thus resulting to global warming. The testing of missile as well produces toxic radioactive gases such as Radon, So2, Xenon, Co with others.

The rise in use of plastic bags results to pollution of land and sea. Such plastic in any case get to be buried in the earth they fail to decompose ending up converting that land to be a bad land which is not suitable for act of agricultural activities, on the other hand in any case this plastic bags are thrown into the sea they kill the fish. Using loud speakers within late night parties, noise tend to come from all over the place. Noise coming from jet planes, road traffic, jet skies, construction equipment, jet skies among others forms part of the audible litter that are broadcasted routinely in the air or from jet planes, road traffic, garbage trucks, result to rise in sound pollution that have most of harmful effects such as disturbance in deafness, sleep and many others. It is evident that if this trend of modernization goes on without measures of pollution the earth is going to be changed into a place full of pollution as well as unsustainable for flora and fauna.

For example, Electronic waste which is always deported to China often results to water, land and air-based pollution. It is believed that China is the dominant recipient of the world's electronic waste, which can be approximated as one billion tons of electronic waste always, is being shipped to the country in a year. Majorly originating from Canada, Japan and United States, where 90% of U.S. e-waste is always exported to Nigeria and China, Dasgupta, Susmita; Hua Wang; Wheeler, David; (1997).

Recycling operation of E-waste tends to be toxic and normally it is being conducted with bare skin. Among the workers, 88% of them always suffer from digestive abnormalities or neurological or skin disease and most of them develop problems of breathing. Apart from skin contact with toxic materials, there is burning of plastics coatings for them to be separated from metals leading to inhalation of poisonous gases, Miao Hong (2006). There is also use of highly corrosive as well as dangerous acid baths along the river banks for gold to be extracted from the microchips. People who are living around Guiyu, e-waste village tend to be exposed to the toxic ash as well as soil that is being dumped by the rivers.

There is leaching of pool of toxic into the ground water of Guiyu polluting it in such a manner that it cannot be drank, Tania Branigan (2008). Level of lead within the river sediment doubles the safety level. Lead in the blood of children of Guiyu is 88% higher as compared to that of average child. Guiyu is said to be the second most polluted spot in the world, the first is Lake Karachay. People who visit the city say that they still feel headaches as well as strange metallic taste in the mouth because of the air pollution.

As per report by the World Health Organization (WHO), two third of cancer that is inflicting our species which is due to additional toxin to our environment, and the medicines that people are taking for curing one selves possess risks and effects that are directly or indirectly…

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