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Artistic Elements in Movie: The Impossible (2012)

Artistic Medium




Human conditions

Socio-economic background

Intrinsic understanding of artistic forms and development a basic component for business

The movie Impossible (2012) was based on a real calamity hitting Thailand in 2004. It is a natural story of survival for the tourist family in dire conditions. The scenes in the movie are mostly sentimental and concerning the nature of a human being while put in a disastrous situation. The artists Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts are playing the part of a British couple named as Henry and Maria respectively. The teen kid Lucas's role is played by Tom Holland and two young boys as his brothers. The underlying message of the movie is reviewed in relation to the human behavior needs and wants. The basic principles of consumer behavior and trends are also studied in accordance with the information. The artistic medium, cultural, political, economic, historical, and developmental aspects are also considered.


The artwork in the film is related to the real life experiences of people caught in natural calamities. The experiences of both recreational activities and enjoyment are suddenly changed with the due to natural circumstances. The art work presented in the movie is based on personal needs, wants, desires and thinking patterns in two extremes of file. The learning about the value of social relations and self-sustainability is also a valuable theme of the picture. The artwork presents a unique perspective towards consumer behaviors and decision making patterns.

Artistic Medium:

The play in the first half is more related to depict the disaster that took place in the year 2004 when a number of tourist families were stuck by unexpected tsunami in Asia. The scenes that happily enjoying families of tourists are suddenly swept away by the storm takes the viewers into a situation where there is little to celebrate and series of surprises start coming their way. The musical composition in the background is aligned to the story plot and capturing of the scenes is also related to the calamity highlighting the nature of human behavior while being in a difficult situation.


The cultural differences between the international tourists and the holiday destinations are also described in the movie. The tourist family from Britain traveling for their holidays to Thailand takes a different view of nature and local systems. The natural disaster itself was huge and mostly unexpected that the available systems for human support and healthcare became unavailable for most of the tourists as well as local population. The difference in perception of local and foreign visitors can also be seen in relation to the sudden shock of feeling helpless in critical conditions. The understanding of social conditions and consumer behaviors is addressed with respect to market and information by the movie. Finally, the importance of using artistic elements in consumer related products and services are presented.


The political aspect of the movie is concerning the requirements of International relations and availability of a collective response to such calamities in the world. The slow unfolding of events during tsunami in Thailand led to a more collaborative approach from the governments and major political players of different countries. The response from the international community increased with the passage of time to provide political, economic, medical, and social support to the government and local communities. It also highlighted the important role of United Nations and other international agencies to stay prepared to respond towards such incidents in the future.


The tourism economy was struck most after 9/11 and it was creeping to come out of the most difficult times. However, the natural disaster of tsunami not only caused unprecedentedly to the local tourism industry but also created a huge impact on local economic conditions. The infrastructure in the worst hit countries was mostly damaged (Daly, Feener, and Reid). The impact of the incident on global tourism economy was also observed. The movement of tourists towards Asian tourism destinations was also affected. The local economy faced most challenging times as damaged infrastructure as well as low influx of tourists in coming years. It has most impacted the local businesses and human resources linked with the business.


The availability of historic data is necessary to develop a system for real time assessments. It is not only applicable to earthquakes but…[continue]

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