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We want people to come into the Lagos economy. There is room to do this by: obtaining a resident registration card. The value of registration will benefit everyone in terms of: the provisions of amenities, security and the protection of businesses. This is an enormous step forward." (Fashola Signs Lagos Residents' Registration Bill into Law 2011)

The information from this source is useful because it is illustrating how the state government is taking a different approach when it comes to the development of Lagos. As, they want to help bring in residents and businesses to the area. Once this takes place, it will allow the community to prosper over the long-term and it will create jobs. This is the point that local governments can effectively deal with challenges that are affecting their areas. As a result, this is illustrating how the status quo is trying to focus on alternative programs that will improve the quality of life in different communities of Lagos through: effective development efforts. At the same time, this addressing how specific changes could occur to deal with various issues in: the city and the way various reforms can be introduced. These elements are important, because they are illustrating how there has been a shift in the kinds of alternatives that can be utilized for effective economic development.

Moreover, the article titled Economic Growth and the Environment (2011), is discussing how the port of Lagos is becoming congested. Part of the reason for this, is because it is one of Nigeria's busiest locations that accounts for nearly all of the oil and other exports throughout the country. To deal with the issues, USAID has been working in conjunction with the Ministry of Trade and Commerce. Their objectives are to create new transportation infrastructure that will help to expand the port and trade throughout the region. At the same time, they are working with the Nigerian Expanded Export Program to stimulate the amount of trade that is taking place in and out of Lagos. This is accomplished through having different programs that will encourage private businesses to become involved in this sector of the economy. Once this occurs, it will help to increase the number of jobs and development in the region through sustainable growth. (Economic Growth and Environment 2011)

The information from this source is useful, because it is corroborating various programs that are currently being embraced by the status quo. As, it is illustrating how: these different efforts are working to have an impact on: Lagos and Nigeria itself. This is significant, because it is helping to provide us with some basic background information surrounding the overall challenges and what steps are being taken to: tackle the issues associated with effective economic development in the region.

The source that is titled Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (2011), talks about efforts of the World Bank to help improve the quality of life inside the city. This is accomplished through the Lagos State Urban Renewal Authority. They have several different objectives in place to help address the various economic and social issues affecting the city to include:

Working on upgrading and developing different slums throughout the area. These were identified in 1995, as a part of a World Bank study to improve problems plaguing the city. The most notable are: Agege, Ajegunle, Amukoko, Badia, Iwaya, Makoko, Ilaje, Bariga and Ijeshatedo / Itire. The way that they are tackling these issues are to develop plans that can deal with long-term flooding and the effective disposal of sewage / solid waste.

Through effective public governance and capacity building. This is supporting a number of different programs that will help to improve the response of the local government in addressing the needs of communities. Including: budgetary reforms, support for public finance efforts, the use of IT technology to store / retrieve information and performance management.

Effective monitoring and evaluation. This is when they are looking at the impact that these efforts are having on different part of Lagos through: dialogue, communication and analyzing the operating costs. (Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project 2011)

This information is useful, because it is identifying specific factors that are being utilized...


As, it is highlighting a long standing World Bank program to: deal with a host of economic and social issues affecting some of the poorest parts of the city. At which point, we are able to use this to corroborate previous sources that have been examined on: how these issues and patterns of economic development have been addressed throughout Lagos. This helps to answer several of the different aims and objectives that were outlined earlier including: the kinds of programs that have been implemented by the status quo along with the possible long-term impact of these effects on city.

The article that was written by Oduwaye (2009) discusses the issues that Lagos is having in effective development efforts. Part of the reason for this, is because the city has been facing a tremendous amount of challenges due to the lack of infrastructure since independence and various instances of corruption. At the same time, many private contractors who are paid to develop these programs often ignore the needs of the people and are only concerned about increasing their overall bottom line as much as possible. This is problematic, because it means that the city has been facing uneven amounts of economic growth. As more people are moving into the region and the overall amounts of trade are increasing. This has led to a rise in the underlying levels of congestion. (Oduwaye 2009)

At which point, there is the possibility that city will be unable to sustain these amounts until some kind reforms are introduced. There are currently efforts in place to deal with these kinds of challenges through various programs that are funded by: foreign countries and the international community. However, the problem is that none of these efforts are doing enough to deal with these issues. The reason why, is because they are not effectively taking into account the real time problems on the ground in many locations. To help improve these programs, Oduwaye suggests that the government goes in new direction. This will involve: building capacity that will address the current / future challenges of Lagos, having the public become a part of the process, increased amounts of transparency / accountability, incorporating IT technology as an effective tool and not commercializing the different planning programs. These different elements are important, because they are highlighting the problems with various efforts that are affecting Lagos and what steps need to be taken to deal with them. (Oduwaye 2009)

As a result, the information from this source is useful, because it is discussing factors that are impacting long-term efforts in economic development throughout the region. At the same time, it is addressing specific reforms that can be introduced to deal with the underlying challenges facing the city. Once they are implemented this is offering specific insights about the how these problems can be effectively dealt with. Therefore, this source is offering ideas that are supporting the aims and objectives of the study. While at the same time, it is illustrating how the current approaches taken by the status quo were unable to reach these objectives. When you put these elements together, they are providing insights about how these issues are having an impact on Lagos and Nigeria itself.

In the source titled Fashola, Commonwealth Chief and Others Task FG on the Economy (2011), it discusses the impact that current economic reforms are having on various development effort in Lagos and in Nigeria. The most notable include: good governance, the fight against corruption, power, security, budget deficits, infra- structure, education, small / medium enterprises, diversification, improving the business climate and trade policies. Commenting about these issues the President of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Femi Deru said, "Tackling corruption and governance issues are a must for Nigeria. Corruption increases the cost of doing business and it deters investors. Nigeria should be the future of Africa, but without governance and risk management there will not be adequate financial market, without which the country cannot achieve its potentials." He further added, "At the heart of all sustained and inclusive economic development and growth are: peace, safety and security. Security goes hand-in-hand with growth and investment; no economy can prosper without security. Infrastructure is key particularly Nigeria's power deficit that is holding back economic success. No entrepreneur can prosper when he cannot reliably power his factory or studio." (Fashola, Commonwealth Chief and Others Task FG on the Economy 2011)

These different elements are important, because they are showing how Lagos and Nigeria are dealing with a host of programs. That is having a major impact on economic development. This is problematic, because it means that despite various initiatives to help improve the quality of life in Lagos. They are making…

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