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Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, And Commitment in Military

Women have always been an asset for the United States army. Ever since 1775, they were involved in nursing the ill and the wounded. They worked to mend and launder clothes and cook for the men. However, women became a part of the armed personnel in the 20th century and have been an invaluable asset ever since then. Our courage, commitment and character is remarkable and the United Army would not be what it is today without the women in it. As of right now, the women serve in 95% of all Army occupations. Furthered, they make 15.7% of the active army of the country. Women played their part to the benefit of their country. They take part in the operations and make sacrifices so that the army and ultimately the country is successful. The success of women in our army has basically proved that nothing in this world is impossible if one has determination and will to do something.

I was born in South East DC and have always wanted to do something that required character and guts. The town that I belonged to was quite tough with increased crime rates and violence all around me. The type of place that you belong to really affect the way you are brought up. My friends and neighbors never backed down from anything and nor did they get scared. Courage was a trait that was rampant in not only my family but my friends as well. As mentioned before, the background that you live in really plays a part in your character and therefore I feel lucky that I lived in that neighborhood. With every passing day of my childhood, I developed more and more courage in me. This courage therefore set the stage for me to mould my dreams and work towards my goal.

Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be in something that involved will power and guts. The best thing that I could think of was to serve my country. I wanted to use my skill, power and talent for the benefit of my country. The fact that I was a girl never really became an obstacle in my goals and dreams. I knew what I wanted to do and I had the courage and the character to go for it. In order to serve your country and be in the army, you require a lot more than courage. It takes courage, skills, commitment and a lot of perseverance. Fortunately, with all those qualities embedded with me from my upbringing, I instilled into the Army in September 1992. In 1992, I became a part of the army as a 75D personnel records specialist. I completed the Basic and Advanced Individual training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. I had my priorities right and I was committed to my goals and my dreams.

During my experience, I had to serve in various positions of the leadership and staff in the military. Regardless of what post I was serving or where I was, I always enjoyed my time in the military. It was my dream and my


This doesn't mean that my tenure was a piece of cake and everything was smooth and easy. It was rough and difficult at times, but I have never regretted a minute of it.

Now I have made it as a Sergeant Major, I am proud of the accomplishments I have made so far. I feel that it is just the stereotypical view that has made women seem weak and incompetent. This ideology is corrupting the youth of today and making them feel that they cannot follow their dreams. However, the truth is that you can be anything to want if you are truly committed to that career. I can openly and confidently say that about myself. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my character, my courage and my commitment for joining the army. Furthermore, to back up my assertions, I can state many female soldiers who did not let their gender get in the way of serving their nation.

Major Brad Lewis was an army chaplain who served in Iraq from 2009 to 2010. In Iraq there were bases known as forward operating bases. Over there, the conditions are not quite suitable for a woman. This is because there are no proper sleeping arrangements and consequent safety concerns, which make it a very hard task for the women. However, Lewis would always volunteer for going there. Not only would she volunteer, she was actually enthusiastic to go. This was something that even the male personnel would be hesitant to take part in. Courage however was quite prominent in this major. She knew what she was capable of and she did not let any social or stereotypical pressures get in the way. It was stated that she slept in a MRAP the whole time she was there. This shows that when will and courage is present in a person, nothing is impossible.

Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester became the first woman to attain the Silver Star for her actions in March 2005 in Iraq. The Silver Star is the third highest award for valor and bravery. Hester enrolled in the army as a nineteen-year-old in 2001. She had the character and the courage but she never knew that she would have taken up a place in the American History.

Hester was on a mission to search convoy routes for Improvises Explosives Devices. This was done with the help of a team of military police from Kentucky's National Guard. They were shadowing the convoy when there was an attack from insurgents. There were 50 enemy fighters who launched an attack consisted of rocket propelled grenades and heavy machine gun n fire. Hester basically led her team through this kill zone and then assaulted the trench line with M203 launchers and grenades. Hester along with her squad leader SGT Timothy Nein cleared two trenches Hester managed to kill three insurgents. At the end of the fight, there were three U.S. soldiers injured with 27 Iraqis dead, 6 wounded and one of them captures. On attainment of her award, Hester specifically mentioned that women could do what men can do. She said that it made her angry when people thought of women soldiers as being weak. If Hester did not have the commitment and the guts for the army, she would not have made it alive out of the trenches.

Unfortunately, no matter what achievements women attain and what heights they go to; many would still consider them weak and incompetent. These three qualities: Character, Commitment and Courage are the backbone of successful army personnel. These qualities make the person shine and do their job in the army. There is no set rule or fact that states that men have more of these traits. Nonetheless, majority of the society believes that women lack courage and the commitment to be in the army. All these heroes that are discussed above, they went through these same stereotypical and discouraging remarks but they were committed to prove themselves.

That is exactly what women need to do. They need to have the sort of personality and the will power to prove the stereotype wrong. They should not tell people, rant about how strong, or powerful do they are. Rather, young women are just beginning their career in the army should be committed to proving themselves. Courage should be reflected in not only their words but also in what too they do, how they walk and how they carry themselves. When in it comes to the army, women should consider that the only difference…

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