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A letter of introduction to tell someone in the future about your day-to-day life. What is your daily experience? Tell this person about your habits, your customs, and your feelings about our present time, and your dreams for the future.

I hope that this letter finds you in the best of your health. If you have opened this time capsule in the future then you will see that times have surely changed. Hence, I am writing this letter with the intention of telling you some significant things about this century that will help you see few things about this society and will give you brief introduction about the life in this century.

At present, I am a happily married woman who is a devoted wife and mother of a baby boy who is 18 months of age. My day-to-day life is very busy and includes taking care of my baby and my husband. Apart from this, I also work as a full time nurse in a hospital. My job includes taking care of the needs of the individuals and helping them and their families live comfortable life by providing them care and support. I find nursing a very fulfilling career and when I see my patients getting healthy again then I find my work more rewarding. New technological advancement in the future will further improve the life of so many patients and will give them chance to live longer and healthy life but this may as well also reduce the need for care by the nurse in the future.

As on a typical work day, I find it difficult to spend time with my family so I try that whenever I get free time I should spend it with my husband and my son. My other habit includes reading books whenever I get spare time especially before going to bed as it helps me to get relaxed. Apart from this, I also try to find space for a romantic date with my husband when we can find a baby sitter for our baby and when we want to escape the dull routines. Another habit which I like is that I review my day daily and try to evaluate if I am close to achieving my goals or not.

My feelings about the present time are that of anxiety as I am very concerned about the prevailing conditions in my country and the impact that it will have on our future generations. Recently, I heard that one of the schools that is located nearby our house had to be closed down due to the budget cuts. Due to this, many people lost their jobs and sadly their houses. Hence, I am sacred about the quality and availability of education and other facilities to our children as population is increasing in an alarming rate. Besides this I am also very frightened about the increasing drug and sexual activities among the children at the early age. Nowadays, children are falling victims to these abuses more frequently then the past generation and if this continues then our children would not be safe from these hazards as well.

My dreams of the future include existence of a healthy society where they will be no negativity. It should be a place where people can learn to trust each other and where there will be great future for our children. I am against the materialistic society and want a society in future that would follow the traditional family values and a society where man will be considered a human being and not some asset or a product.

2. An example of morality and decision-making in current culture in 100 words or more.

I am happy to say that people here still take care of each other as much as they can and also carry out many charitable actions. For example, whenever any natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina or earthquake strikes the country, people are always active in helping other people and providing them with the emotional, medical and financial support as much as they can. They work together to help the people who get stuck in these calamities and help them in rebuilding their lives again. Not only this, we as a nation also believe that instead of focusing on our own needs, we should assist the international community and the Third World countries to improve their lives. This decision to help others despite the constraints shows that the spirit of humanity is still alive and eventually by making live easy for others we are helping ourselves as well.

3. Your definition of happiness in 100 words or more, including how you came to this view.

My definition of happiness involves having no stress in my life. I always try to keep my life filled with positive feelings and try to live as a care free human being. My definition of happiness also includes being content with my life and being grateful for the blessings that I have in my life. I also feel satisfied when I am able to enjoy quality time with my family and when I feel I can be of good help to my patients. I also feel happy when I see everyone living in peace, when I can find inner peace and when I can do well to others without expecting anything in return.

4. A significant literary work (poem, short story, play, or novel.)

I will suggest a novel "Al-Chemist" by Paulo Coelho to be put in the time capsule as it is a very inspirational novel about the importance of pursuing your dreams. The story is about a shepherd boy, Santiago who sets out to seek the hidden treasure and set out in the direction of his desires. On the way, he encounters danger, loss, opportunity, and love and eventually discovers himself and the way in which world works. I consider this novel a very significant piece of work as it will tell people that whoever follows his heart shall find whatever he has intended to seek. It enables one to ponder on questions such as whether one has forgotten his way. Also, it provokes questions such as is one living up to the higher purpose and whether he has ignored what he was meant to do in his life. Hence, this novel makes one realize that anything is possible if one really wants it to happen.

5. A significant example of art or architecture.

I consider the artwork called "Pressure" by Robert Longo significant example of an art. Displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, this piece of art depicts the windowless structure that collides with the head of a man covered in the make-up of a clown. I want this piece of artifact to be put in the time capsule because through this art, Longo demonstrates the indifference and the mockery of the materialistic world today. Hence, one discovers the trauma of the product world and the society that has now been surviving on the edge.

6. A significant song or group of songs.

The song which I want the people of the future to hear is "Pastime Paradise" by Stevie Wonder. This song is a thought provoking song as it calls for the need for the social change. It creates awareness for the people of the social justice but despite of the awareness among the people, the atrocities are still being committed. My favorite lyrics in this song are "They've been spending most their lives, living in a future paradise, they've been looking in their minds, for the day that sorrow's gone from time, they keep telling of the day, when the Savior of love will come to stay."

I like this song because it creates consciousness of the issues like…

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