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family oriented community park on a land that is currently not serving any purpose. This unused land is currently being used for deposition of waste products and therefore is not being monitored properly by the government as well. Since it is open land, many useful services can be built upon it. The park will be created in the state of Virginia and in Fairfax County. The site that is chosen for the creation of the park is suitable for this purpose. It should be noted that this land is near crowded residential sector, which is in need for another park. This project will aim for the creation of recreational objects such as swings, skating rink and basketball court for the children. Furthermore, a community center will also be added near the park. Lastly, there will be creation of a cafe or eating-place in the park as well.

Business Need and Competitive Situation

As mentioned before, it is a residential area and therefore the park will be of use. Seeing how families including the elderly and children will be visiting the park, they require place to sit and have food. The park itself will not serve any business purpose directly. There are no eateries in the nearby area and the residents are in need for a decent meeting place. The competitive situation therefore looks favorable now. As stated above, the residents of Fairfax County do need a good place for recreational activities.

Scope of Work

The scope of this construction project is to construct a family park in Fairfax County. Competent companies and designer builders were selected to complete this project well in time. The major purpose of this construction project is to deliver the needs of the families and residents of the county. The children need a place for their recreational activities to take place. Furthermore, majority of the residents of the county are highly active in sports. Due to this reason, they would also require field where they can carry out their respective tournaments

Scope of work means that all the work that is part of the project has to be included. Only stating that the aim is to create a park is not very sufficient information. We need to denote the additions that will be made to this land. Here are the things and projects included in the scope of work:

One softball field should be added along with the addition of bleachers. The bleachers that are to be incorporated should have 100 seats and should enable a very clear view of the part.

One soccer field should be added with 50 bleachers for the audience. They should have a clear view of the field as well.

Both of these fields should have access to a refreshment stand and a dressing room. The administration of the park is advised to not hold two tournaments on the same day. Therefore, one dressing room and one refreshment stand would suffice for both the fields.

Lights are another important component of the fields to cater to the need of residents if they wish to play nighttime.

A skating rink is also to be created that has the capacity of about 50 kids at one time. The rinks should be made with different difficulty levels. This would enable the older and younger kids to divide themselves on their skill levels.

40% of the area of the park is mainly just open area. This is where the woods, water bodies, vegetation would be present. This area would be largely being left untouched. However, one of the project objectives is to make sure that is clean and safe for the public to be used. '

A play area for toddlers will also be added in the park. This play area includes one toy house, four swings, two slides, four toy cars; five see saws and an area of 2000 sq ft made of soft turf. This area will also include six benches so that adults can sit on the benches and monitor their kids that are playing.

A trail will be created along the circumference of the park for cyclers as well.

A long walking trail will also be made for joggers and walkers. This trail will be dog friendly so people can walk their dogs on the track.

Water fountains, benches, chess tables and fire safety materials will also be added in random park vicinities.

There will be construction of a community center with the capacity of 100 people.

Public restrooms will also be constructed in three different areas in the park.

Lastly, parking has to be provided for the people who will be using the park services. All the parking areas that are to be created will be made so that their distance is no more than 10 meters from the nearest activity areas. The capacity of the parking lot is in total 1000 cars. The distribution of the capacity will be created around different areas of the park. In addition, lights will also be added to the parking lots so that families are not reluctant to visit at night.

Project Organization

Achieving quality in property and construction projects is a very challenging takes for the people for many reasons. The entire idea of quality is quite different and subjective because everyone has his or her own set criterion for quality. Therefore, whenever a team is working on a project, they all should have

It should be known that the project manager is the most important person in charge of the success of the entire project. The project manger looks over, plans and organizes details of the project.

Staff Members

The list below includes the anticipated staffing level that would be required in the project. Until the peak of the project, all of these roles need to be carried out in an efficient and proper way. After the peak workload has been achieved, the duties that are listed for some of the positions can be combined into fewer positions.

Project Manager

A lot of emphasis has been placed on the role of the project manner. The construction project manager (CPM) should have sound knowledge about of general management along with specialized background in this project as well. The project manger should make some objectives and goals quite clear throughout the whole project so that all the people working under him know what they are doing

Overall, the project manager works closely with the principal engineer, design builder and the region team to make sure that all plans are under way and goals are being completed on time.

Business Manager (Assistant)

The assistant business manger is responsible for the engineering and the management team. He or she basically takes charge of the official work required in the project. This includes office management, documentation, contract compliance, change management, cost and performance measures.

Project Control Engineer

This engineer has to make sure that the construction is being carried out in the proper way and that everyone is doing his or her tasks within the allotted time

Contract Compliance Engineer

The engineer keeps the companies requirements in mind and makes sure that everything is being done according to that. Since everything has been stated in the project, any deviation would result in penalty for the engineering team. He also ensures that compliance is maintained with the state and the federal requirements as well.

Change Engineer

The change engineer is basically responsible for the management of the entire project. He is responsible for the analysis of different proposals, looking over the estimates and creating change documents.


The designer of the project will work in collaboration with the CPM and the three engineers. They will look over the entire design of the project and make it attainable by the entire team. If at any point, there is a problem in the implementation of the plan, the design manager should have back up plans for the project

Secretary and Office Assistant(s)

In any project, you need someone to organize the staff and the office. This is the major responsibility of the office assistants. They will be actively involved in the employee training and orientation, office supplies and pay roll. Furthermore, they will have to look over all the office functions and mange the transport and time accordingly. They will be responsible for the productive scheduling of the project manager and the engineers.

Legal and regulatory environment

All the public entities including the local government and the county government should be aware of the project that has been undertaken. In order to avoid the contract being rendered unenforceable and void, the governments should therefore agree with the contract. As it would be known, the governments will not take the responsibility for the construction contract. Furthermore, they will not pay for the material and the labor unless certain requirements are followed. Therefore, the government should be informed about the plan and their requirements should be noted properly.

Further requirements


All the public entities including the local government…

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