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Ultimately, these issues results in hunger and famine, where these inhabitants become deprived of the basic facilities that they are entitled to, as being a citizen of the country (World Hunger Education Service, 2012).

3. Impacts of Hunger and Famine in U.S.

The standard of living means to have a healthy, vigorous and active life. Keeping in mind, the standard of living, the hunger crisis in the U.S. is calculated and determined when its residents are not able to meet the nutritional needs to live a dynamic life. This indicates the fact that the people have lack of access to the nutritious, healthy and safe food. As a consequence, the inhabitants (especially of the low-income groups) tend to opt for foods that are less expensive with usually low nutrients, so that they can meet up to the financial components. Moreover, it has also been observed that meals are also dropped from the diet plans of the day (Simko, Cowell & Gilbride 41-46).

Over time, this pattern of cutting down the meals and purchasing cheaper food items begets to chronic undernourishment, which affects the overall health of the people in profoundly destructive manner. This undoubtedly denotes that hunger leads to deteriorated families and individuals, who are not able to put their potential to the maximum level towards the growth and progression of the country, due to which the nation cannot grow to its maximum potential levels (Simko, Cowell & Gilbride 41-46).

Studies have indicated that when children suffers from hunger and starvation, they are not able to concentrate on their learning process, and are not able to make the most from their educational process in comparison to the children who are meeting an adequate amount of nutritional levels. As a result, these deprived children turn out to be less creative and dynamic in their adulthood. Not only the children are the affected people, but adults are also immensely vulnerable to the malnourishment problem, as they become less productive in performing their daily tasks and job responsibilities. Besides, they are more likely to make blunders and mistakes during their employments, which make them at higher risk of losing the job and being unemployed (Anonymous 1-2).

Hunger and starvation poses great risk and threat to the children and elderly people with several health issues on both long-term as well as short-term basis. The health issues due to hunger and undernourished diets are related to both physical and well as psychological (Anonymous 1-2).

4. Addressing and Resolving the issue of Hunger

The above presented facts and records have evidently elucidated the fact that hunger and famine has become a vital concern for the United States. The facts prove the thesis statement that hunger and famine is experienced in the United States as a significant problem. Nevertheless, this issue can be resolved and addressed by a number a ways. Nutrition programs based on the national and interactional level is one of the most efficient and direct techniques to deal with the issue and alleviate it to the maximum level. Food assistance to the people confronting scarcity of hunger is also an essential and fundamental method to shrink the national level issue, but the authorities should not restrict themselves to this method only, as it is not sufficient (Bread Org, 2012).

Considering the resolution of the enormity, currently many of the programs on a worldwide basis have been initiated such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) that are laying key emphasis on addressing and resolving the issue of hunger and famine all across the globe. In this regard, few of the programs have also been constantly working and striving throughout the nation with the core purpose of helping the nationals of low-income groups to meet the expense of a nutritionally adequate diet. In fact, quite a few of the organizations are also particularly focusing the women and infants at nutrition risk for their nutritious diets, education, health concerns and various other social services (Whitney, Whitney & Rolfes 685-699).

These organizations are helping the underprivileged denizens by providing them with vouchers through which they can gain access to the nutritious foods on monthly basis that include cereals for both infants and adults, fruit or vegetable juice rich with vitamin-c, eggs, milk, canned fish and so forth. Additionally, these people are also enabled with other benefit programs, such as Medicaid and so on (Bread Org, 2012).

Programs have also been launched at the school basis that primarily focuses on providing the low-income and nutritionally deprived children with free as well as reduced-priced meals for lunch and breakfast. This is predominantly practiced so that the students can only have their attention towards their learning process (Bread Org, 2012).

Since the United States does not have dearth of food, therefore, this issue is solvable and can be reduced to a considerable level. One of the effective means that can reduce the level of hunger within the country is improving the level of education in the areas that are high in poverty. Moreover, by making some amendments in the public policy would also bring a positive change such that a level of safety for the underprivileged people would be created with reference to the nutrition (Whitney, Whitney & Rolfes 685-699).

5. Conclusion

To put the entire thesis in a nutshell, it can be well stated that United States is one of the wealthiest countries of the world, yet a number of grave issues have been identified in the recent years, amongst which hunger and famine are two substantial concerns to mention. It means that thousands and millions of people on everyday basis struggle for food consumption. The facts have explicitly revealed the fact that hunger and famine have become an escalating issue across the globe, where huge population from all over the world has come under its shocking and overwhelming impacts, and United States is no exception.

While talking about the significant issue of hunger in the United States, dominance of continued poverty within the years has appeared to be the root cause of hunger within the country. Nevertheless, few other reasons that include political and economic concerns have intensified and elevated the issue. However, the anti-hunger programs are the key sources and preventive measures that can reduce and alleviate the struggle of hunger amongst millions of people residing in the U.S.

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