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Navara Energy Pte Intership Experience

Report Analysis: Navara Energy PTE Internship Experience

In many professions, learning without a practical hands-on experience like internship is considered incomplete. Oftentimes, students have had to find areas of placement where they can practice the knowledge learnt in class. This is always an invaluable experience to students because it ensures that they have the opportunity of ascertain the skills they have learnt before going in to the real professional world. I had the opportunity of going for an internship placement at Navara Energy PTE., LTD. I can attest to the fact that the experience was great, as I have highlighted in this study.

This report will clarify that my internship in Navara Energy was satisfactory and met the aggregate goals of my academic and career foundation. The report will further ascertain that I developed decisive communication skills, which were vital in enhancing my personal assistant prerequisites. This was based on my abilities in dealing with me-to-interviewer communication, me-to-other organizational communication, and me-to-client approach. My duties and responsibilities include contract administration, assisting the management of mining design, hauling Road construction and others. Thirdly, I was obliged to assist in the management of contracts, and inter-face with community groups and government agencies. In this relation, my role in contract administration is based on consultancy and communication acting and appealing collectively. The report is structured into three main sections addressing place of internships, employment, training, and internship experience.

Section 1:

Place of internship:

Internship Site

Provide an organizational chart of the internship site

Major organizational activities:

Navara Energy PTE is specialized in providing engineering consultancy services / management. The organization further provides one-one-one talks to clients. The central purpose of the organization is the supervisions of engineering of works and project, design, provision and another follow-up mechanism. As a result, the organization processes several company procedures, which are entitled to implement, evaluate, diagnose, evaluate, and institutionalize the process of the system and contracting. In addition, the corporate organization dynamic strategy is configured to ensure that it builds organization and creation of trans-organizational interventions, merger, and acquisition of system processes, alliances with client, subcontracting, proper network development, and change.

How does the organization deliver its products or services?

When I joined the company, I realized that it was dedicated to excellent service delivery to all its stakeholders especially the clients. Due diligence is critical for the success of this company. Since most of the organizational products are based on consultancy, the organization has ensured that communication is the single most vital tool in personal assistance. This report has identified transformation as a key strategy, which is applied in creating the future and current organizational performance. The organization operates of the impetus of product development on the right approach. The organization endeavors to examine its relevance and responses relating to construction standards as required by Saudi authority. As part of delivering products and services, the firm orients performance excellence mechanism based on how well the organization responds to the market.

How Navara Energy PTE advertises itself

When it comes to marketing, the firm has developed extra decisive measures, which have the ability to respond to market requirements imperatively. Firstly, the firm has developed up-to-date mechanism that aids it keep updated with industry's current trends. These could be in close relation to designing a brand. Secondly, as part of the advertisement, branding is very essential. Besides, the company has hired proper and informed design and artistic experience. Branding is culturally directed to logos, company letterheads, and a good website portfolio. They are all color-conscious. Thirdly, the firm has ensured that it reaches its market constructively. Part of this approach examines the probability of using online platforms to communicate proactively to the world. In fact, the company...


This has boosted the firm productivity and the number of sales.

Fourthly, it is imperative to develop Internet ads, which will be vital in improving the total audience criteria. Strategic approaches are usage of can be usage of regional newspapers, or local media centers. Alongside this is the application of email and SMS marketing, where the firm orients itself with possible and existing customers. Fifthly, the company as well uses digitalized coupons, which are vital in responding to market goals. In fact, print advertising seems a decisive approach since it looks on the wider approach of applying contact advertising to reach out to clients.

Section II:

Employment and training

I received an invitation of working as a contract administrator / personal assistant on behalf of Fredric Bolton who is the company's site project manager. I can confess that I have never been in such a post before. From this request for an interview, I experienced higher degree of internship demands offering apprentice situations in relation to the interview sessions. Indeed, there is a much centralized shift from the traditional approach of internship to a more modern and liberal approach. In the first day of the interview, my hosts examined whether I could apply my academic knowledge to a business setting. Secondly, as part of contract administration, my interviewers examined whether I was in a position of performing tasks, working on the project, and as well, completion of job learning experiences. Thirdly, my interviewers examined whether I could test a tentative career choice. Fourthly, the interview process sought to investigate whether there was a possibility of performing tasks, working on projects, and conducting a job learning experience, which relates to business discipline.

In this regard, the testing goal was geared to examining whether there was a derivate ability to realize a coherent Goal Achievement stratagem. In fact, the first section of these orientations focused on the possibility of achieving internship goals, which would relate directly to my future career. It was in line with this calling that I realized that the company was offering a philanthropic and benevolent prerequisite, and that concept mattered. In addition, this company was critical for my career because its approach was based on providing high-end services with realistic cost management mechanism. However, through offering these services, costs were of vital concern. There was a need of participating in the internship for a better and the greater good of the company.

Besides, cost management is an integral concern in contract management and personal assistance. This seconded by proper customer handling mechanism, which was absent in my academic life. In order to mitigate the integration rigidity, it was necessary to process customer litmus testing to examine their commitment to the overall product development. In addition, based on the business approach that this company provided, I realized that there was a derivative necessity to process a proper resume. In my resume, I mentioned the usage of several languages: multiple languages are integral in responding to direct hurdles of the organization.

In addition, I preferred this company since through internship orientation; I could promote consciousness among students. Thus, experimental learning project based on academic classroom experience can best be practiced in an internship experience. In addition, the internship aided my approach in developing consciousness, and employee attitude, workforce as well as, relevant skills. In fact, the high-end background can be seen to having development necessary workforce experience. Besides, the company was instrumental in providing me with vital waging and salary experiences.

Selection process

Although this is a construction firm, my internship orientation was responsive because the firm focused on my career contract administration. Therefore, in selecting my choice company, I realized that the contract administration involves a much different subject area, which was oriented from procedures and rules. Through the criteria of highest possible evaluation, this enabled me to act in line with rules and procedures required in a professional environment. Firstly, it was instrumental to ensure that the contract administration activity would be initialized based on customer requirements. Secondly, it was necessary to analyze the nature and purpose of contract administration rules, ideally the nature and purpose. Thirdly, it is imperative to consider the significance of contract administration rules. This is based on the knowledge that there is a necessity to determine the contract personnel, which suits my career.

Essentially, the interviewer required me to understand that contract administration is inclusive of perennial relationships between the senior; site project manager sir Bolton the customer, and indeed, the contract administration will encompass primary dealings with the party and the client. In fact, work can be completed and accepted after payments are processed to ensure that disputes are resolved. As a result, contract administration does constitute the larger involvement of Navara Energy PTE on processing activities ensure that problems relating to contracts are resolved amicably. Through this approach, the administration ensures that it develops a detailed follow-up and as the fact, most of the contract recording deals will be developed on time. The interviewer also examined my ability to adjust contract details and requirements in line with customer expectations and goals of the company. In particular, the contractor examined whether I could change the…

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