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According to Ayn Rand, rights do not relate to a prospective human being, but only to an actual human being. A child cannot attain any right until it is born. It is only on this criterion that we can safeguard the political right of the women to do what she opts for in this matter. No other person including even her husband has the right to influence as to what she may act in respect of her own body. That is a basic principle of right. (Peikoff, 2003)

While many of the endeavors to further confine the abortion rights are justified on the basis of advances being made in fetal medicine, actually they are motivated by a challenge to the right of women to exert regulation over reproduction. Reproduction is viewed as a primary activity of the family, a crucial structure that forms society. If women can exercise full option over when, if and with whom they have their children, this barrier could be affected. It is similar with divorce as when the divorce laws were liberalized, the divorce rate escalated and it is most women that are starting it. Taking into consideration the available choice, many women will choose to be released out of the bars that many marriages consequently are converted into. (A woman's right to choose: Workers Power 299)

Moreover, not only prohibition of abortion is a theoretical problem, of undermining the right of women to opt, it is also a practical problem. The right of choice implies the right of opting not to have a child or to have a child in the situations, which implies that neither mother not child suffer in material terms or socially for that conclusion being made. Women around the world always have strived to regulate their fertility through abortion disregarding the complexities of going through the abortion and they possibly always will. This is so since it is necessary for them to be capable of regulating their own fertility and is not agreeable to be reduced to the stage of their biological function as child-bearers only if they are to accomplish true equality and liberation. (Abortion: It's every Woman's Right to Choose)

Imposing a prohibition on abortion would necessitate a quite humiliating and inhumane treatment of those women who desired to have their fetus culminated. Declaring abortion illegal will simply lead it to the background and into the environment wherein the health and safety of the woman concerned might be put at risk. There are incidents in which it is essential to culminate pregnancy when it is certain that either the mother and/or the child die. In such circumstances of medical emergency and with the objectives of saving life, definitely it is allowed to abort the fetus. (Devanny, 2000)

The critics of abortion rights talk as if abortion did not prevail in this nation prior to 1967 but nothing could be further away from the fact. The estimates show the total number of cases of abortion up to 1967 is 100,000 per annum that remained constant even after the lapse of four years after legalization. Even when abortion is being made illegal, affluent women, as in the past, have spend money and obtained private doctors to accomplish abortions, while poor women have had to succumb to the burden of bringing an unwanted pregnancy to term or endangering the lives with unsafe or illegal methods of abortions. And when abortion becomes illegal many a number of poor and working class women succumb to death. Such illegal abortions were normally conducted by unskilled people under unhygienic conditions, and a number of women every year died or were left having permanent health difficulties after having to bear hemorrhaging or infection from a 'bodged' abortion. In the fear of legal prosecution many do not seek medical attention. (35 years after the Abortion Act: For A Real Right To Choose)

As per the World Health Organization, 78,000 women throughout the world expire annually due to the use of unsafe methods of abortions. Prior to 1973 when abortion was made legal in 1973, a large numbers of women succumbed to death arising due to complications occurring from abortion. In New York City, Black women accounted for 50% of all women who died after having an illegal abortion, while Puerto Rican women were considered to be 44%. (Abortion is every woman's right) Many women expire due to illegal abortions prior to Roe. (Choice: Defending a Fundamental American Freedom) No verdict of the Supreme Court in the twentieth century has been as contentious as the 1973 Roe v. Wade verdict upholding that women have the right to opt for an abortion during the first two trimesters of a pregnancy. The attorneys for Roe had cited violation of many constitutional provisions by the Texas law dissuading abortions except when necessary to save the life of the mother. (Does the Constitution guarantee women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy by having an abortion?)

However, what we view presently is just the restrictions prevailing on the right of women to choose. When George Bush became President, his first activities were to reintroduce the 'Global Gag' rule which hold back U.S. federal funding for health centers that offer abortion facilities or even supply the information needed for it. This has a tremendous impact on women in over 60 countries where reproductive health services are offered by non-governmental organizations dependent upon the international funding. Within the U.S., itself several states have enacted several stringent limitations on women's legal right to resort to abortion and several abortion clinics have had to close down. (A woman's right to choose: Workers Power 299)

Now some women have to travel for hundreds of miles to reach the services to have abortions. But if the pregnant women traveled abroad, they would be able to have an abortion in a nation where it is considered to be legal. (Devanny, 2000) It is however, to be noted that it is not just medical contingency that entails compelling grounds for termination. The right of choice implies that it is the right of the woman to choose whether to give birth to that probable human life to full term or not according to the situations of her life. Women opt for abortions for all sorts of reasons: poverty, poor health, several other children, as a result of rape or incest or simply due to the fact that they do not desire to have a child at such that particular time in their lives. (Abortion: It's every Woman's Right to Choose) It is not just to compel the woman and in some cases girls, who have been raped, to suffer the additional anguish of being pregnant with the product of that tribulation. To compel women to generate a living, persistently reminding of the act is not just on the mother, but also for the child. (Devanny, 2000) think all such reasons are quite reasonable. These are significant events in a woman's life, and if she does not desire to pass through the full nine months and following birth, then she should have the liberty to choose not to do so. (Abortion: It's every Woman's Right to Choose) Besides, it is also necessary to keep in view that abortions at the point of viability are resorted only in extreme medical contingencies when such life of the woman is endangered. Only a small proportion of such cases lead to cases of live born infants, those who are accorded the entire care essential to maintain their lives. (Legal Abortion: Arguments Pro & Con) Women are not required to explain anyone, not the church, nor the state as well as to the doctors for their right being exercised. This entails the question of abortion on demand. I oppose any sort of decision being associated with ethics committees or doctors or other opinions on this. Women should have the liberty to abort on demand. (Abortion: It's every Woman's Right to Choose)

Abortions are private matters and mostly associate with the awfully problematic decisions with life long outcomes. However, tragically, the lives of the parents are fully neglected by the anti-abortionists. However, that is the primary concern. In any debate it is the actual living persons that matters, not the just prospective of the embryo. To become a parent involves many responsibilities- psychological, moral and financial-over the decades. To raise a child implies requirement for time, effort and money. It is a permanent job for the initial three years, utilizing several hours after that, in terms of caretaker, educator and mentor. The woman who does not seem to be agreeable to such conditions thinks it to be a death sentence. (Peikoff, 2003)

To conclude, it can be said that I support reproductive freedom that implies a woman to make own decision. It is to be said that none else bears the child on behalf of the woman. It is regarded as her sole duty and thus she is required to have the sole right…

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