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This is because resources available within the environment will provide all what is required for the state (Department of Environment, Food & Rural affairs, 2013).

Social sustainability

Many countries are same when it comes to the endowments of natural, human and physical capital. However, there is a difference when it comes to the economic development level that can be achieved in a particular country. There are three types of capital that can determine the economic growth process but in a partial manner however, there is a missing link between the three types of capital which is the social capital. Social capital is based on social norms and bonds which have an important role to play when it comes to sustainable development. Social capital emphasizes on the participation on a civic level as well as a horizontal association among people such as social networks. This is also through associated norms that have an influence on the productivity as well as a community's well being. Social capital also entails organizational features like norms of reciprocation, trust and networks that provide civil engagements. Social capital also entails the political and social environments that enable the development of norms as well as shaping up social structures .social capital extends to formal institutions like state, political regimes, rule of law, system used by courts as well as political liberties. Social capital is dependent on various social groups acting in their interest depending on support that is received from the state. Therefore, the state has a very big role to play when it comes to supporting of social capital which will in turn lead to sustainability at the social level. The state is also dependent on social stability so as to continuously carry out their operations.

Apart from social capital there are some social amenities that the state should ensure that they are sustained. The state has the power to create employment opportunities for citizens so as to eradicate poverty. High unemployment level within a state can lead to conflicts; unrest as well as agitation.tis can lead to destruction of property that is meant to be used by the citizens. Therefore, if the state provides employment opportunities for its people then the social facilities will be sustained. The state also has the mandate of providing health facilities through government initiated programs. The state ensures that they provide quality healthcare services to the entire population. These healthcare services provided should involve up-to-date technology. The state also ensures that the healthcare facilities are adequately maintained so that they can stay in good condition to be used in future. The state also provides schools which should be properly maintained so as to ensure that they can be used for a long period of time. The state should also carry out upgrade programs that will ensure these schools are constantly upgraded .the state builds roads that will be used by the population. These roads are constantly being maintained by the state and regularly upgraded.

Sustainable development therefore requires a broad response from different levels such the regulation of emissions, the production of green consumer products as well as developing plans that ensure adoption to drought conditions. This requires the efforts of the state to ensure that there is sustainable development for the future generation. Therefore the state has the power to drive sustainable development through the influence they have to the private and public sectors. The state is also a source of awareness building and education which is non-partisan. This is because the state has access to a lot of information as well as capacity building across all sectors. The state focuses on the use of clean technologies that will be beneficial to the economy and the environment. The state also adopts clean technology so that it can gain a competitive advantage in the global level. With the correct leaders in place the state can effectively achieve sustainable development (Accenture, 2011).

The leadership roles that the state should play are policy making; the state has the power to come up with policies for sustainable development. There should also be the conveners within the state who will speed up the scale as well as the scale of the policies that have v been set to ensure sustainable development. The investor is also a role of leadership within the state. The state has the power to source for investors who will come and foster sustainable development in the country. The other role is the operator role that involves the state being a catalyst in sustainable development through its establishment as a leader in sustainability. The state has big role to play when it comes to sustainable development. Therefore, I can confidently state that the state is the single actor when nit comes to sustainable development.


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