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Water is an important resource of earth and an inevitable requirement of life. There is no life without water; regardless it is human life, animal life or plant life. Water is mandatory for all kinds of life and it is no exaggeration to mention that if life ends, no activity is required on the face of earth. So it is a valid statement that water is life.

The fundamental concepts of economics emphasize on the scarcity of resources and their efficient usage. It is because; there are unlimited consumers of a limited resource. It may be argued that natural resources are unlimited, however, the way human being manages them for maximum benefits becomes a constraint in their capacity. For example, the natural resources of water may be present but to ensure their accessibility to the areas located far from these resources is a burning question. The authorities and responsible bodies are in a fix how to efficiently manage the resources.

This paper casts lights upon certain natural resources like water and elaborates their consumption with respect to their availability.

Change in Water Consumption

It is broad daylight that population of the world is increasing hence the resource need is multiplied. There is immense increase in the requirements of the resources because of increased industrialization and improved standard of living. As time proceeds, the luxuries are converted into necessities and more and more people start demanding them. The relationship between resources and human lives is twofold. The availability of resources enhances life style and when it becomes a need; its supply has to be aligned with demand.

Same is true for water resources. Its consumption is not for only for intake as drinks but uncountable activities like washing, cleaning, irrigation, swimming, entertainment development like fountains etc. need water for their completion. In a country like United States, where population is increasing rapidly because of economic attraction for people living in all areas of the world, the consumption of water is multiplying. United States is a developed country which attracts people from tourism perspective as well; hence water resources are allocated in this aspect as well.

The availability of water has great impact on the activities of human society. Particularly speaking in the context of United States, where requirement of energy resources is also increasing, it is mandatory to align the related initiatives for best possible results. For example, USA is focusing on production of Ethanol bio-fuel (U.S. Department of Energy, 2012) and it is one of the leading producers of Ethanol on global level. The water resources are required for its production. There are many sources of Ethanol like corn, sugar beets, sugar cane and switch-grass etc., but the selection of source depends upon water availability. All these crops require varying level of water, and the availability of water determines which option to adopt.

Water and Environmental Issues

Related with industrialization is the issue of pollution. The pollution may take any form; air, water or noise. The worst thing about water pollution is its vast spread impact over the lives of people and quality of land resources. Water pollution is the serious threat to sea life and it can have drastic impact over the provision of Iodine among the people. The sea food contains many minerals which may not be available in any other food. The scarcity of sea food may lead to serious health problems as well.

If the water resources are scarce, the climate changes are expected to be worst. The global warming is bound to increase and many other drastic changes are expected. In the 21st century, climate change through water is considered as the most important challenge and serious plan of action is required to face it.

The most important point of consideration is to manage water resources in such a manner that they are not prone of pollution and can be recycled. There should be proper system of rain water storage and purification so that water availability can be increased.

Photosynthesis and Earth Atmosphere

Photosynthesis is the basic process to convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen for breathing of all living beings on earth. The process of photosynthesis start when plants are exposed to sunlight and a chemical reaction takes place within plants. This is the reason, forests are considered as oxygen generators and help climate to stay cool and pleasant.

As the activities of human beings lead to creation of Carbon Dioxide, the plants play their role in converting it back to the Oxygen. This process has a unique role in the solar system and if it slows down, the survival of all living beings is on stake. It is therefore, important that it is regulated to maintain flow of life.

In order to stabilize photosynthesis, it is important that farming, plantation and forestation are promoted. Likewise, wild life should be protected from unnecessary hunting. The requirements of energy must be fulfilled using other sources than cutting trees. The interest of long terms should be preferred to short-term gains.


Wildfire is the event of fire breaking up in forests or farms where huge greenery is present. The fire may be vastly spread to many areas causing damages to animal life, human life and residential areas as well. Depending upon the location of forest and extent of wildfire, its effects may extend to urban areas as well.

Wildfire may produce advantages by cleaning the areas which are occupied by growing farms. It increases land availability for residential and industrial purposes. The basic drawback of wildfire is cause to air pollution. The smoke produced by wildfire may be enough to disturb the entire city for an extended period. Keeping in view the requirements of clean air and photosynthesis, the mentioned advantage of wildfire may easily be considered a disadvantage.

Wildfire is an important matter of concern for rural and urban authorities as well. It is because the rural areas clean the air of urban areas as well and if there are no rural areas, the atmosphere of entire country is bound to be polluted. Rural areas balance the atmosphere by presence of plants and trees. It is, therefore, important that the authorities should focus on development of rural areas and take serious measures to eliminate the possibility of wildfire. There must be proper system to control fire if it breaks out anyways and the comprehensive response plan must be developed for betterment of entire society.

Study of Animals vs. Study of Plants

It is a common practice in Geology that the studies about plants are more frequently carried out than those of animals. These studies are more extensive as well. The basic reason for this fact is related to the effect of plant and animal life over human being and the need of one another for them all. Plantation is an important field on Geology because presence and health of plants determine presence and health of all other living beings.

Oxygen is the basic requirement of life on earth and its basic source is plants. If all plants vanish away, all the human beings and animals will be alive for hardly a while. On the other hand, if the animals vanish away, the human life can sustain for a period using plants as the major source of their food.

It is quite possible that the huge population of human beings may eat up the plants quickly and then die up for shortage of Oxygen and food but still the span will be longer than the one expected in the case if plants vanish all the way. The protection of plants ensure life for both animals and human beings, hence geologists focus more on plant studies.

Alfred Wegener's Continental Drift Theory

Alfred Wegener's Continental Drift Theory states that all the continents on earth are drifting from their geographical position. There was time where all the land on earth was joined, then gradually rocks contracted and continents were separated. The distances are most likely to increase as the rocks continue to contract (Scientus, 2010).

The theory was not accepted at first preview. But gradually the changes observed through specialised equipments and other experts led scientists to believe that the theory is valid. It may sound strange to a layman, but the changes are taking place over the period of centuries and it is no surprise to believe in them now.

Changes Shaping Earth's Surface

There are certain processes which lead to change in earth's surface. These processes may be internal or external as well. The internal processes are the ones which take place inside the rocks or under the earth shell. It can be volcanoes, earthquake movements, tsunami etc. While there are certain changes at the outer surface of the earth causing change in its shape. These changes include deforestation, mining, cleaning rocks and mountains for expansion in residential and industrial lands etc.

The internal changes take place because of high temperature and the level of water in the earth. As the temperature grows, the inner rocks start…[continue]

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