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Gabrielle Jamela Hosein6(2002), on the other hand, holds that this is mainly a question of perspective.

5. In Community Activism and Feminist Politics edited by Nancy a Naples. Routledge.

6. What Does Feminism Mean to Young Women? CAFRA.

For some young women, according to this author, feminism means survival and a fundamental recognition of themselves as women with rights that are equal to those of men. This group of young women understand the need to struggle for their right to exist on their own terms. These women strive for equality under patriarchal and oppressive regimes, or even in Western societies where supposedly subtle forms of oppression are all too apparent.

On the other hand, there are the group of young women who see feminism itself as a mode of oppression or indeed a type of violent anti-oppression movement and therefore to be avoided. This demonstrates a fundamental misconception of feminism among a group of women who see themselves as equal and therefore not in need of striving for their rights. The educational task of organizations such as Equality Now is to educate the public not only on issues of domestic violence and reproductive rights, but also on the inherent traits of movements such as feminism.

Specifically, Education Now strives for educating the public on third-wave feminism, and how each person can make a difference in the lives of women who still suffer from both subtle and less subtle abuses of their rights. Both the abused and the uninvolved public need to be encouraged via education and knowledge to take power to help both themselves and others. In addition, the size and power of the organization allow it to also make changes on the legislative and governmental level, to truly make a difference in the lives of women. Equality Now provides both the oppressed and the liberated with the opportunity to become aware and help others by becoming involved. This is also the case with the issues surrounding abortion.


1. Rape

Once again, the lack of police interest and caring, as well as legislative shortcomings, have resulted in a lack of justice as far as rape is concerned. Women are both subtly and openly oppressed by public and legal discrimination. Rapists are set free, for example, due to a lack of sufficient evidence to convict them, while many more women are in danger from them. If a woman falls pregnant as a result of rape, having an abortion is not illegal, but it is nonetheless frowned upon by the "pro-life," fundamentalist religious public. In this way the woman is made to feel guilty and ashamed, while the rapist is free to continue his actions.

Legally, women are also discriminated against. They are treated as if they are not being entirely truthful about the rape, and continue to be demonized particularly when the perpetrator is not convicted.

This is one of the issues against which Equality Now positions itself. In this way, it strives to help victims by educating them in such a way as to empower them. The public is educated towards a greater understanding of the issue, and the organization also strives to change the legal system towards a better and more humane system for the victims of this crime.

2. Sexual enslavement

Sexual enslavement is a global issue. Women are abducted from their home countries and sold into this kind of slavery throughout the world, including in the United States. While it is true that many governments throughout the world turn a blind eye on this multi-million dollar industry, it is also true that awareness raises action.

According to the San Francisco Examiner7(1997), for example, the government and related groups see this as a priority issue. It is problematic that the issue is global, with sex trades booming throughout countries such as Thailand, Russia and the United States, and throughout the world. Because this prevailing issue is so difficult to police, the role of organizations such as Equality Now is vital in curbing the problem. Indeed, visitors to the Web site are provided with a platform from which they can be involved at various levels, from donations to actions. More can however be done by for example implementing governmental policies that provide political asylum for those victimized in this way. Sex tourism is another aspect of sexual slavery

3. Sex Tourism in the United States

This industry uses young women and girls as trade commodities. Along with sexual slavery, this has become both a global and a very successful industry, with the victims and service providers being the same. Particularly important is the role of the U.S. military in encouraging this. Young men on assignment in foreign countries can encourage the industry in several ways. One of these is for example by encouraging young women in the foreign countries to have sex for money. They could also abduct these women and bring them to the United States, or also act as informants for those who wish to do so. The women's lives are ruined, as they are deprived not only of a gainful means of living, but also of their young adulthood and potential family lives. It is 7. Global Sex Slavery. therefore important to also educate military workers in the consequences of such actions. When used for tourism and trade, these women are presented with the idea that they are no better than commodities.

It is however encouraging to see that an increasing number of men are taking responsibility not only for their own actions, but also for educating the public and striving for the cause of women's rights. As women themselves are beginning to realize the importance of taking leadership positions even when they would not characteristically do so, men are also coming to an understanding of the importance of women's rights for society as a while.

D. Men in Feminism

Brian Klocke8 (2008) holds that men not only can, but indeed have a duty to be part of the feminist struggle. As the perpetrators of female oppression, the author believes that men should see it as their duty to work towards female liberation. This is their responsibility. And indeed, many men are taking this responsibility to heart by acting in the interest of women and women's issues. These men are found in all areas of life, with the police, military professionals and politicians all working towards targeted change.

In conclusion, many continue to strive for human rights, and particularly for women's rights. While there is still a long way to go, particularly because may violations have become so subtle, it is also encouraging to see an increasing number of persons and organizations taking the issue seriously

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