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He was active in research and was viewed as an intellect by his professors but he did not have social life[footnoteRef:8]. [8: Douglas, John, and Olshaker, Mark, the Anatomy of Motive (Scribner, 1999)]

Early life records and analysis of Kaczynski also reveal that he would have strange dreams during his stay at University of Michigan. His personal writings have been analyzed and researchers assert that he would dream about psychologists, who would convince him that he was mentally ill and required psychological treatment. These psychologists would then help in controlling his mind. In order to avert their attacks, he would dodge them and then in anger, he would use violence to kill them. Using violence would allow him to feel liberated and free from control.

Researchers and critics assert that his students complained about his style of delivering the lectures and he was nervous during his class. Furthermore, records also reveal that he was uncomfortable around the students[footnoteRef:9]. This is true as Kaczynski was a loner. He has spent several years of his life in isolation as he lacked the social skills. It is also reported that at a young age, he had fear of people. Therefore, Kaczynski did not have ability to interact with the students and thus, he resigned from his job after two years. [9: Douglas, John, and Olshaker, Mark, the Anatomy of Motive (Scribner, 1999)]

Experiences of Montana

In the year 1969, Kaczynski had moved with his parents. However, in 1971, he went to Montana to explore nature and wilderness and to experience a new thrill. He had the desire to lead a simple life, without technology and to become self -sufficient. This is clear that Kaczynski was a loner and to keep himself busy, he would get engaged in an activity, which he would enjoy. During his early life, he had been busy in solving mathematics and becoming an exceptional mathematician, which allowed him to achieve something people of his age could not achieve. However, this success was short lived as soon as he reached the peak of his career at a young age and therefore, he had resigned from his job in order to pursuit a new activity[footnoteRef:10]. [10: Graysmith, Robert, Unabomber: A Desire to Kill (Pocket Books, 2000)]

To become self-sufficient, Kaczynski had concentrated on building his own cabin. Furthermore, he wanted to become independent and therefore, did not use electricity. His jobs primarily comprised of odd jobs or menial labor[footnoteRef:11]. In 1978, he has lost his job at a foam rubber factory, which was owned by his father and brother. He had been dismissed as he had harassed a female supervisor. [11: DeLong, Candice, and Petrini, Elisa, Special Agent: My Life on the Frontlines of the FBI (Headline Publishing, 2001)]

It was here in Montana, where he had experienced and witnessed the destruction of natural land. His goal was to explore the nature and to become self-sufficient. Critics assert that Kaczynski had concentrated on living in Montana in order to isolate himself from society as he had previously used mathematics to isolate himself from his classmates. The fear of people compelled him to spend his time in an activity, which would allow him to pass time. During the time in Montana, he had also experienced the destruction of natural land by industrial and technological development and growth. Therefore, he primarily concentrated on protecting nature by sabotaging developments were under progress near the vicinity of his cabin. Since he had grown to love nature, he had a strong dislike for technology. His interaction with nature compelled him to resort to bombings and terrorist attacks when one of his favorite spots for tracking was destroyed completely[footnoteRef:12]. [12: Graysmith, Robert, Unabomber: A Desire to Kill (Pocket Books, 2000)]

Since then, his rage, which he had earlier hidden, emerged and surfaced to take revenge against human society and for his loss. The fear of people during early years, the experiences of bullying and failure to interact with students during his teaching career, all had a psychological impact on his personality, which ultimately ignited his aggression, which came out after the destruction of his natural habitat, which made him to believe that technology is evil and is solely responsible for the destruction of human society[footnoteRef:13]. [13: Mello, Michael, the United States of America vs. Theodore John Kaczynski: Ethics, Power, and the Invention of the Unabomber (Context Books, 2009)]

New Objective and New Meaning: Letter Bombings

Ted Kaczynski interacted with nature and witnessing the destruction of nature, he soon began a campaign to conduct terrorist attacks, which had claimed lives of three people and injured more than twenty people. To actively plan his bombings, he had concentrated on studying politics and sociology. From his perspective, he believed that industrial revolution is responsible for the destruction of human society and that violent solution can only be used to tackle this problem. This was the new ideology, which Kaczynski believed. This is the reason that he had resorted to bombings and that the years of isolation that twisted his personality and therefore, he had become engaged in deviant behavior. For a new goal in his life, Kaczynski concentrated on using letter bombs, which had been designed by him. His level of intelligence allowed him to create such bombs, which are still being used by other domestic terrorists.

The time from 1969 to 1996, is considered to be a crucial time of Kaczynski. He had also documented his life in writing, which provides information on his deviant behavior. From his early years of schooling, he lacked social skills and therefore, this problem still remains in him. His personal account also revealed that he had issues with people and that the fact that he had experienced bullying. He had further issues with his relationships with females[footnoteRef:14]. Majority of his life has been spent in isolation and he rarely interacted with his class fellows. Personal writings written by Kaczynski also demonstrated his desire to lead a simple and primitive life and completely isolating himself from society. [14: Mello, Michael, the United States of America vs. Theodore John Kaczynski: Ethics, Power, and the Invention of the Unabomber (Context Books, 2009)]

The early years of his life demonstrated his inability to express rage and anger and therefore, he remained calm and serious. He had indulged in activities in order to suppress his anger. In his personal words, he asserts that "I would therefore indulge in fantasies of revenge. However, I never attempted to put any such fantasies into effect because I was too strongly conditioned ... against any defiance of authority. To be more precise, I could not have committed a crime of revenge even a relatively minor crime because of my fear of being caught and punished was all out of proportion to the actual danger of being caught."

This clearly reveals that the anger came out and surfaced, finally after he had witnessed the destruction of his natural habitat and therefore, he had planned series of bombings in order to demonstrate that technology and industrial development have negative effects on human society. In the year 1978, he had sent his first bomb at Northwestern University. The victim of the bombing was a campus security guard, who had opened the package[footnoteRef:15]. Packaged bombings were also sent of airline companies[footnoteRef:16]. In the year 1979, American Airlines Flight had received one of his bombs, which exploded and the plane had to land immediately as it was the case of emergency. The case was soon in the hands of the FBI, who made several efforts to track down the bomber. [15: Mello, Michael, the United States of America vs. Theodore John Kaczynski: Ethics, Power, and the Invention of the Unabomber (Context Books, 2009)] [16: Scott, J. (2007) 'Terrorism Databases: An Empirical Comparison', Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Maryland: University of Maryland]


Ted Kaczynski is considered to be one of the most brilliant masterminds, evil genius and excellent mathematician, who was responsible for using letter bombs as method of attacking universities as well as airline companies. He had adopted the alias of Unabomber, which represents University and Airline Bomber, as he particularly targeted universities and airline companies. He conducted his attacks by using letter bombs, which claimed the lives of three individuals and injuring about twenty three people. He was a brilliant, intelligent and gifted as compared to other students and this ability allowed him to skip sixth grade[footnoteRef:17]. This period is considered to be the crucial point of his life as he joined seventh grade, where he excelled academically but not socially. Since he was the youngest of all children, he had been subjected to bullying. He lacked the social skills to interact with other children and therefore, he used to spent time alone. He mastered mathematics and directly jumped to twelfth grade at the age of fifteen. In the year 1958, he had been successful in getting admission in…

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