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Research Methodology

In the research on the menace of drug addiction and wanton drug abuse in Hong Kong, the use of literature hitherto formed a central part of the entire process. It was seen to be one of the key sources of information since the interviewing of the hard-core drug addicts may not have been easily possible. The online books and reliable websites by agencies dealing in social and health matters, health organization websites and government and the related ministries websites were central and instrumental in ensuring sufficient literature and data was consolidated in respect to the research.

There are various reasons why a literature review stood out as a central source of useful information for the purpose of expounding on the drug addiction, drug abuse and rehabilitation efforts by the government in Hong Kong. Use of peer reviewed literature stands out as a useful source of verified information and data from reliable research studies and databases (Ferreras-Fernndez, Martn-Rodero, Garca-Pealvo, & Merlo-Vega, 2016).

Literature reviews also act as a source of trends in the past where the projections of the way drugs have been a menace in the past can be seen. The comparison of various findings on drug addiction in Hong Kong is instrumental in showing the trend the drug addiction has taken over the years. With the trend extracted from the literature review, the research can significantly project the future of the drug addiction in Hong Kong, but also use the trends to know the prevailing levels of addiction at the moment.

The research also benefited from a comparative analysis of the data and information available in the field of drug addiction. A suitable research is one that is not limited to one or two sources, but one that widens the search and covers as wide as possible the relevant material within the subject and the related material (Saur-Amaral, 2011). The wide pool of literature gives the research a more informed approach to the subject of addiction, looking at the different interpretations that various writers have on the subject within Hong Kong.

It is also important to know that the various theories that exist are fundamental in understanding the issue of drug addiction. The theories help in explanation as to how drug addiction starts and the reasons behind such human behaviors and goes further to give alternative ways to handling drug addiction and overcoming it. These theories can only be sourced from the various literature reviews that were used in the process of the research (Farah, Fauzee, & Daud, 2016). The theories also informed the arguments and proposals that were put forth in the research into the drug addiction and possible control of the same.

Literature review also gives the researcher what different agencies and institutions that deal with drug addiction among the youth in general have to say about the menace. These institutions are an authority in this field hence their take on drug addiction is equally important for the update of the findings of the research and so have to be sourced through the literature review.

There are alternative methodologies that could have been used in this research which included structured questionnaires and structured interview schedules and well as observation. The questionnaire could have given the individual views of both the people in healthcare and the drug addicts themselves as well as members of the society (O'Cathain & Thomas, 2004). These views could be compiled and analyzed to give a clearer picture of the drug addiction trend in Hong Kong. The structured interviews could also be instrumental in getting to know the attitude of the dwellers of Hong Kong on drug abuse and the individual and collective measures that the society and professionals are taking in attempt to reduce and control the use of drugs in this given society (Whiting, 2008). The personal observation could also work, though this may prove to be exhausting at times since the drug abuse habit is not done openly as it is illegal. This may mean the observer must take a long time to interact with the drug users to gain their trust and allow him to observe them as they use it

Procedure for The Literature Review

The search for the literature that was used herein was an exhaustive process that first led to the observation of annotated bibliographies on drug abuse among young people in general. This was literature that was based in various cities across the globe. These annotated bibliographies aided in narrowing down on the relevant literature and the useful online articles and online books in the context of this research. We made use of these library databases PubMed, Medline, EbscoHost, and Cochrane Library were used to search and gather articles. These online libraries came in handy as they are readily available for both the researcher as well as the end user of the researched work and written report. The reader can easily go back to the online article and book as indicated in the reference link and read more or further if they have interest in the particular topic area (Ferreras-Fernndez et al., 2016). The online articles hosted by institutions were also seen as a source of reliable data since these are authority figures in the field of drug abuse and have objective information that can constructively inform a research.

With an aim to identifying methods for preventing drug abuse amongst the youth in Hong Kong our literature review was mainly focused on articles that have analyzed the prevalence of drug abuse among the youth both in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. There have been numerous strategies that have been employed to reduce relpse especially amongst the youth. This led us to question the best strategies that can be employed to prevent relapse. In this respect we set out to establish if short-acting opioids when compared to the nonopioid therapy do reduce the incidences of drug use relapse.

In order to narrow down…vice has been over the years. It further proves to be relevant as it divides the subject of injected drug use into different approaches like the pathophysiology, epidemiology and clinical presentation, making it an easy to understand article.

There lacks numbers and statistics to help argue the facts.

National Centre for Biotechnology Information, (2018).

The article is looks at the various controlled test of the use of opioids. It gives a thoroughly scientific approach hence more reliability in terms of the information gotten therein.

The article is too complex for an average reader to understand most of the part hence only useful to the scientists.

Pacific Prime, (2018).

The article uses images which makes it attractive to wider readership, there is also proper use of numbers to validate the claims as well as links to other websites which makes the article more informative for further research.

Discussion or more drugs could have made the article more informative.

The National Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse, (2018).

Gives unique approach to drugs research bringing out the street names used as alternative names to the drugs. Categorizes the drugs into schedule I and II which helps in discussing the drugs in a more structured manner.

The article lacks links to other websites, lacks pictures and figures and does not employ numbers hence weakens it.

DARA Thailand, (2018).

The article categorizes and discusses the various diseases that one can get by using injected drugs. It discusses in scientific details the transmission mode of the various diseases. The article further uses figures and numbers to give explanations. It further gives links to other sites where one can read more about scientific terms used in the article.

The article ought to have used pictures and diagrams to make the article more attractive to the youth.

American Addiction Centres, (2018).

The article is sufficiently detailed, taking into account the numbers and percentages, the solutions to addiction, the role of society and other aspects in the relapse of an individual.

The use of more figures and numbers could have made the article more informative and appealing to youth.

Casa Palmera, (2009).

Being that it targets parents and daily lay readers at home, the article uses simple language. The content is in bullet form in most parts to make the reading easy and simple as can be, the information is supported by figures and percentages to give credibility.

The information is brief and excludes deeper details on how individual drugs affect youth though it gives an overall perspective on the general effect of drugs.

Volkow, Nora D, George F Koob, and A Thomas McLellan, (2016).

The article offers insights into the changes that occur in the brain in order for addiction to take place. With this understanding one can be able to formulate treatment and strategies for preventing relapse. The authors note that advances in neurobiology have led increased knowledge on what happens in the brain of an addict, which is beneficial to the treatment of drug addiction.

The information offered is mainly based on other neuroscience strategies for the desensitization of…

Sources Used in Documents:


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