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RFP in Healthcare Industry

Request for proposal in health care industry

Request for Proposal (RFP) in Healthcare Industry

In order to continually provide adequate Medicare to patients, a review of the electronic health record options reveal that the appropriate strategy is to procure Electronic Medical Record software. The primary objective of this RFP is to implore bids from system integrators or commercial off the shelf software merchants to devise, install, construct and implement integrated EMR software solution. The health care system, Future Correctional Center seeks to procure a software solution including licenses, hardware (as recommend by the bidder), execution, and maintenance and support services. In addition, the software configuration should present a core set of EMR attributes that meet particular requirements such as order entry, outcome review, nursing and physician documentation, registration.

Something significant to note; Future Correctional Center will not consider proposals from bidders offering software as a service solution, offer available software as an open source solution, or custom software established from scratch. The proposal should provide a detailed evaluation on the costs related to system acquisition of an EMR. Apart from that, the proposal should include mandatory EMR functionality modules for at least programs such as medical, mental health, nursing and medical administration. For instance, if a bidder's solution does not comprise fundamental EMR components for the suggested programs, the bidder's solution should at least integrate with another commercial software application.

In addition to the fundamental functionality, other significant suggestions of software solutions include laboratory information system and electronic unit health record. However, Future Correctional Center recognizes that some information offered in this RFP can have some inadequacy for bidders to submit a comprehensive solution and costing for an Electronic Medical Record. Therefore, Future Correctional Center proposes a multi-stage procurement for bidders to submit their best proposal based on software functionality, system integration expertise, experiences with other projects of this kind and costs incurred. This approach will assist in implementation of the EMR in a way that modifies proposal services; alter timelines for design, installation and configuration of EMR functionality.


In the year 2001, the Future Correctional Center faced a court action, which brought a lawsuit against the Correctional facility over the eminence of Medicare in the correctional facility. The prison violated an Amendment, which prohibits bizarre punishment of the incarcerated. This resulted to placement of the Correctional center into Receivership. The situation aimed at creating a collaborative environment where imprisonment and health care practitioners improve the standards of medical services in the correctional facilities. Therefore, the Receiver adopted objectives significant for the Future Correctional Center health care system. The objectives aimed to: 1) ensure timely access to medical services; 2) develop a correctional center medical system that will address in full health care services; 3) recruit and train an able medical workforce; 4) establish medical support infrastructure, and 6) offer required nursing, administrative and housing facilities.


The patient-inmate population in the Future Correctional Center is complex and resembles a socio-economically challenged civilian population at risk of substance abuse, mental illness and chronic diseases. In addition, the medical status of the patient-inmate is that of chronologically older patients. Into the bargain, trauma is common, illicit drug use, hepatitis, HIV / AIDS and several other communicable diseases are in high prevalence. For these reasons, Future Correctional Center proposed to enhance pharmacy structures by acquiring a software that will combine patient-inmate information into an integrated appliance. Future Correctional Center plans to accomplish the following goals by acquiring an EMR:

Reduce flaws and unnecessary tests and medications;

Improve patient care and efficient operations;

Improve management of chronic care conditions and transfer of information within the healthcare systems; and Comply with federal health standards.

In addition, implementing an EMR software solution in the Correctional center healthcare system, will efficiently deliver medically competent patient inmate care. The proposed EMR's should leverage the bidder's software to supply an EMR that generates a full perception of patient-inmate information, highly used by health practitioners, and automated clinical systems.

Scope -- Project Overview

In order for the California State Prison to adequately provide healthcare to patient-inmates and establish a strategy to accomplish Future Correctional Center, CDR and pharmacy systems, the correctional center opts to acquire an EMR. In addition, the State prison will reject proposals from bidders who offer the EMR software as a service. In addition, the correctional center offers all healthcare related services for patient-inmates including medical, mental health, dental, nursing, dietary, rehabilitation, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, health records and registration. The center also offers primary outpatient care; however, there is also unit-based care offered within the institutions.

In addition to unit-based care, Future Correctional Center offers medical services through telemedicine for the patient inmates. Therefore, this calls for remote accessibility of the Electronic Medical Record solution in order to comply with HIPAA standards favoring telemedicine and tele-psychiatry. Although EMR billing elements are out of scope of the medical data such as diagnostic procedure, there is a need to track and report the procedure codes and performance indexes. Overall, the center wishes to implement EMR software, which has the fundamental functionality such as order entry, results review, nursing and physician documentation, and registration.

Mandatory Vendor/Bidder Requirements

The bidders shall meet the following fundamental requirements to qualify consideration to win the contract:

Minimum Bidder Requirements

The bidders shall meet the following least required bidder requirements to win the contract:

1. Two years experience in EMR system integrator or Commercial off the Shelf vendor offering EMR software.

2. The bidder should provide an independently audited financial statements prepared by a certified public accountant according to the accepted accounting principles.

3. The center expects the bidder to provide clinical documentation that supports its clinical holding.

4. The software solution should be in accordance with the medical industry standards.

5. The software must operate in collaboration with the existing clinical applications already present.

6. The bidder should include the laboratory diagnostic imaging results displayable, searchable in diverse views and formats.

Minimum System Requirements

The selected system should easily integrate with the existing systems. Therefore, it should have the capability to interface with the centre's current health applications and have the ability to send data and records whenever required. In addition, the system should have the capability to push data and patient care record in community care document. On the other hand, the system should allow for pull of data and records into reporting and evaluation systems. The center requires a system that complies with HIPAA. The system should comply with security breach notifications imposed by the HIPAA security standards. Therefore, the vendor or bidder will have to execute the applicable business associate agreement.

Into the bargain, the correctional center will require licensed software. Therefore, the software license and license description should appear on the service contract. In addition, the software must include the business purpose described by the center. Additionally, Future Correctional Center will require the system's warranty, which the vendor should include in the service contract. Into the bargain, the centre will also require the contract language

. Therefore, the chosen bidder or vendor must comply with the federal requirements. In addition, the center requires the vendor to attach the language provided in the service contract.

Current Future Correctional Centre IT Infrastructure

The center currently uses IBM AIX using Oracle and Microsoft technologies. The center presently supports the technologies through their Information Technology Services department. In addition, the center requests that the vendors proposed EMR solution describes how they either will utilize the infrastructure or illustrates how modification to suit the solution will take place. However, for an alternate infrastructure hosting proposals, the vendor's proposal should include all the additional costs if any that they will require.

Current Future Correctional Centre Clinical Applications

Most of the systems are custom-built using Microsoft technologies such as NET, Access, SharePoint and CRM. In addition, they run on Microsoft Windows and SQL servers. In addition, Future Correctional Center Information Technology Department maintains and offers IT support to these systems. Into the bargain, the health care IT platform consists of automated systems for medical, mental, dental, pharmaceutical, laboratory, radiology, nursing, health and registration records.

System's Service Required

The system must have the capability to provide the following 1) electronic medical record system should hold the inmate patient conditions results from the care provided; 2) it should have the ability to identify uniqueness in every patient; 3) it should have the ability to improve clinical care in and allow for evaluation in healthcare practice; 4) the system should have a web connected, and 5) the system should provide patient care record and future information on the patient's health.

Proposal Format

Future Correctional Center requires the vendors or bidders to submit (1) master copy proposal, (5) copies of the proposal and (1) compact disk that has all the proposal files. In addition, all proposals that reach the center before the deadline might qualify for award. However, the correctional center will deem proposals that reach the center after the deadline, non-responsive. Future Correctional Center…[continue]

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