Environmental Stewardship Project Proposal What Is Environmental Essay


Environmental Stewardship Project Proposal What is Environmental Stewardship?

What are the problems?

Why do we need to be concerned about Air Pollution?

A proposed Innovative Strategy for Pollution Awareness

Today Environmental stewardship is on the rise and really needed in the community. This is because an increasing amount of people are out there making knowledgeable choices in their what they do every day, such as in the work places, and communities. These choices are considered to be good for the environment, for their finances, and for complete quality of life. By most, these actions are probably looked at as being inspiring because it shows and evidence of a developing societal commitment to environmental stewardship.

This report gives an outline of what I believe is the next step in a continuing evolution of policy objectives from pollution control to pollution sustainability and prevention. It likewise gives a reflection on the important reality -- that although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and our state associates share responsibility for making sure that the nation's environmental progress to date could be much better. It is clear that environmental stewardship has always been part of our exceptional American experience -- there is a unique history of persons, governments, and other parts of our society working self-sufficiently and in cooperation to defend and progress environmental excellence. If environmental progress is supposed to do better than there are steps needed to take in order to guarantee the air is safe to breathe, and water is good to drink.

What is Environmental Stewardship?

As a coordinator, we define environmental stewardship as the duty for environmental quality that is shared by everyone whose action has some kind of an affect on the environment. Basically, we believe that this sense of responsibility is a worth that can be imitated through the varieties of persons, businesses, communities, and government societies, and shaped by sole environmental, social, and financial interests. It is likewise a behavior, one established through unceasing development of environmental performance, and a commitment to well-organized use of natural resources, defense of ecosystems, and, where appropriate, safeguarding a baseline of agreement with environmental necessities.

As we look into how to turn into a more sustainable society, it is obvious that environmental stewardship can help preserve natural resources and achieve sustainable outcomes. In this project, we focused on six natural resource systems and desired outcomes for each one. They are:

Air: Tolerate spotless and healthy atmosphere air Ecosystems: Defend and reinstate ecosystems purposes, goods, and services

Energy: Produce clean energy and use it competently

Land: Upkeep ecologically precise land management and expansion

Materials: Utilize materials wisely and shift to environmentally better materials

Water: Support water resources to make sure quality and availability for anticipated uses

What are the problems?

Air pollution has been a huge issue for quite some time. In fact air pollution is a mixture of man-made and natural substances in the air that people are breathing. It is classically put into two categories: indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution. This is a problem because over the past 30 years, investigators have exhumed a wide display of health effects which are supposed to be related with air pollution contact. Among them are respiratory illnesses (as well as asthma and changes in how the ling operates), cardiovascular illnesses, bad pregnancy outcomes (for example preterm birth), and even demise. Experts have found a way to reduce indoor air pollution by making sure that a building is well-aired and cleaned frequently to stop the buildup of agents like mold and dust. Those that are occupants would also be wise to take out any known pollutants and/or irritants but many are unaware because they are not being educated in regards to the danger of these contaminates.

Most are even unaware that outdoor air pollution exposures are able to be lessened by checking one's Air Quality Index (AQI), evading heavy traffic when likely, and dodging secondhand tobacco smoke. Even though climate change is a global procedure, it has very local influences that can intensely affect societies, not the least of which is air pollution. Increasing temperatures are straight connected to poor air quality which, in order, can affect the heart and worsen cardiovascular disease. Instances of this could consist of an increase in pollen, because of increased plant growth, or an increase in molds, because of bad storms -- both of which can exacerbate allergies and other lung diseases, for example asthma.

Why do we need to be concerned about Air Pollution?

It is possible for human beings to go...


It is clear that on average, many people are breathing over 3,000 gallons of air every day. It is common sense that people must have air in order to live. However, this is a problem because most in the environment are not aware that breathing air can make a person really sick.
Many are not even aware of the damage it has been doing to the land. Air pollution for some time has been damaging all the trees, lakes crops, and animals. As well to injuring the natural environment, air pollution furthermore harms buildings, statues and monuments. It not merely decreases how far you can see in cities and national parks, it even inhibits with flying.

Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970, and passed the Clean Air Act, providing the federal government ability to go out and start cleaning up air pollution in this nation. Ever since that law was passed, EPA and states, tribes, local governments, industry, and environmental groups are working around the clock to try and establish a diversity of programs to lessen air pollution levels all over America. The Clean Air Act has assisted in altering the way a lot of people work or do business. In some situations, it has even transformed the way people live. Many people are not aware that breathing in polluted air can make their eyes and nose burn. This contaminated air can also irritate their throat and make breathing hard. Actually, contaminants like tiny airborne particles and ground level ozone can activate respiratory difficulties, particularly for individuals with asthma. Nowadays, closely 30 million adults and youngsters in the United States have been detected to have asthma. Those that are Asthma sufferers can be strictly influenced by air pollution. Air pollution can likewise worsen health difficulties for the elderly and others with heart or respiratory illnesses.

Furthermore the public has been unaware that some toxic chemicals are being released into the air for example benzene or vinyl chloride which are extremely toxic and can be the basis of cancer, long-term injury to the lungs, birth defects, along with brain and nerve damage as described earlier in the proposal. And in some circumstances, breathing in these substances can bring forth the death of multitudes of people at the same time especially if they are living and a particular area that is severely effected with bad air.

Additional contaminants make their way up into the upper atmosphere, producing a weakening of the protective ozone layer. When this takes place, it leads to changes in the environment and dramatic upturns in skin cataracts and cancers (eye damage).

A proposed Innovative Strategy for Pollution Awareness

Our organization has an extensive range of opportunities for endorsing environmental stewardship. Certainly, defining our path onward necessitates making some strategic selections -- starting with careful consideration of our organization's unique mission and role, the most actual leverage points for change, and how we are able to best syndicate our exertions with others to support environmental stewardship on the widest possible measure. As a coordinator over the project, our approach will be to build upon and assimilate the numerous existing stewardship activities in regards to stopping pollution while coming up new ideas that can improve pollution in the future. To set overall goals and direction, our organization Strategy needs a comprehensive environmental stewardship strategy. This strategy should unify the organization's stewardship initiatives, maximize the effectiveness of existing stewardship efforts, include a process for setting priorities for additional activity, and foster development of networks with other organizations to multiply the organization's impact and reach. This new innovation should challenge everyone -- within the organization, in addition to all external partners -- to play a lively part in using environmental stewardship to achieve measurable environmental outcomes. We are able to suggest five key components

Emphasis on priority environmental problems where stewardship has greatest prospective -- initiate a small number of activities in cross-cutting places where stewardship tactics can donate to more sustainable solutions with pollution.

Involve persons in environmental stewardship -- connect the "power of one" so individuals comprehend their ordinary actions do matter, and make available inducements that inspire them to make sound environmental stewardship choices in getting more involved with bringing fresh ideas to the table in bringing awareness to the pollution problem.

Platform best accomplishments and practices -- improve the use of gratitude and challenge programs to lecture to significance environmental difficulties, with a goal of inspiring innovative stewardship methods and…

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