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prevailing era of technological advancements and teenage independence is posing serious challenges in maintaining the ethical and moral concerns of the teenagers. The level of independence exercised by the youth today at one hand is empowering them but on the other hand it is proving to be a curse. The health issues and the ailments detected among teenagers are a serious question on the stability of their lives and future. The alarming number of increasing teenage pregnancies is boiling the morals and the health issues in the contemporary societies. An adequate sex education and precaution is likely to control the increasing teenage pregnancies. The following paper presents an argument to increase the sex education in schools to control teenage pregnancies followed by a counter argument that increasing sex education may not impact the teenage pregnancies.

Importance of Sex Education in Schools

The fact cannot be subjugated that the proper and adequate education can lay the strong psychological foundations of success and well being in an individual. The schools are also an ideal place to motivate the youth to abstain from the well acknowledged taboos. In the prevailing era the importance of sex education is taking roots because of the technological advancements and independence exercised by youth.


The increasing number of teenage pregnancies has alarmed the authorities to rethink their motto of imparting quality education and morals to the children. Teenage is a sensitive period of one's life where after reaching adolescence, it becomes really important to tame the behaviors and inclinations of the young adults. The free media throughout the world has boosted the sexual needs among the young adults. Owing to the sensitivity of their age and mental stability the need of educating them about sex becomes really important. Additionally the increasing number of teenage pregnancies is a dilemma for the young adults that demolishes their personalities and leaves psychological impacts on their entire lives. It has been researched that the implications of teenage pregnancy are hazardous on young adults in terms of medical complications and through life ailments (Berne, Linda & Barbara Huberman, 1999).

Current Status of Sex Education in Schools and Teenage Pregnancies

The statistics indicate that the teenage pregnancies indicate that in United States alone about 820,000 teens become pregnant each year. That means that 34% of teenagers have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20. Furthermore 79% of the teenagers conceiving pregnancy are unmarried. These strong indices further highlight that 80% of the teenage pregnancies are unintended. This is the point where the importance of sex education steps in. By educating the young adults the negative consequences of teenage progeny the likelihood of this taboo can be controlled and the sexual behavior of the teens can be tamed.

Argument for Increasing Sex Education in Schools

The points and statistics mentioned above lays the foundation of the argument in the favor of the aspect that by training the teenagers about the consequences of teenage pregnancies and the adverse implications they will strive through life the fact of increasing sex education at schools can be realized.

Expected Outcomes of Increasing Sex Education

The expected outcomes of increased sex education in high schools with connect the potential of the students with a sophisticated future. It has been noted in certain surveys that only one third of the teenage mothers completed their high school diplomas. This is an indicator that by reducing the teenage pregnancies more educated females can be realized and at the same time the energies of the male students can also be utilized in the positive direction. The government of United States spends $7 billion each year to support programs that can reduce teenage pregnancies. The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. It is therefore nominated that by increasing the leaning of sex education in schools a relatively larger population will be educated and will cherish a sophisticated and respectable future (Reeves).

Need of Controlling Teenage Pregnancies

The subject deals and incorporates certain critical elements that are important for the understanding of the sex educators. It has been well observed that the first interaction a patient has is with the paramedical staff including the sex educators. As for the given subject, nutrition in pregnancy is an importance topic for literate and rational sex educators.

The following portion of the paper deals with the basic questions regarding the nutritional requirements in pregnancy and the second portion further enhances the rational of incorporating these questions in the curriculum of the nursing school students.

Questions that Needs to be discussed

The questions that have been planned for the discussion over the topic of nutrition in pregnancy are (Harris)

1: the acute and calculated nutritious content a female requires through the different phases of pregnancy

2: the importance of understanding the nutritious requirements for a pregnant woman

3: a well versed account of the effects of malnutrition during pregnancy

4: the dietary supplements that can support and fulfill the nutrient requirements of a woman during pregnancy

5: the delivery of effective research bound information to subjugate nutrition related myths of the pregnant women

6: the impacts of malnutrition on the fetus

7: the importance of how a woman can maintain her life and the life of the new born if she maintains required level of nutrition

8: highlighting the fact that by being nutritionally fulfilled a woman can have a least risky delivery

The questions that are incorporated and presented above are primarily the reflection of the basic understanding of the sex educators. This is therefore deduced that the selected outline and methodology is aligned with the nature of job and the importance of nutrition through pregnancy.

The most important element discussed as part of the curriculum is the well devised and calculated amount of nutrition a woman needs during and throughout the phases of delivery. This is incorporated as the most important sub-topic of discussion because by giving and talking in numbers, the patient will find it easy to implement the prescribed nutrition plan

Second most important topic that has been selected as the core of discussion is the impact of malnutrition on a pregnant woman as well as the new born. If the sex educators are well aware of the consequences and the implications of being mal nutrient on a mother as well as on a child, then they may be more helpful for the pregnant women to reconcile their nutritional requirements. It is observed that the nature of interaction of a patient and the nursing staff is far more rigorous than that of a doctor patient interaction. By guiding the sex educators with the basis of the nutritional requirements of the pregnant women the results will be favorable for the patients. It has been for this reason that the nursing staff has been endowed with the precise but accurate knowledge of nutrition and pregnancy.

The sex educators by ensuring and logically explaining the rational of the phenomenon are more likely to contribute towards the well being of the women in the critical stage and phases of pregnancy (Bleakley et al., 2006).

Counter Argument

The counter argument for the account exemplifies that high school sex education cam play an important role by unless the family transition is not controlled in U.S. The likelihood of teenage pregnancies will increase in all cases.

The most traumatic yet the most widely prevalent aspect observed as part of family transition is Divorce. Divorce is the state of family transition that calls for the permanent separation of the parents leaving the children in a broken family and managing their lives in dependence of any one parent rather that both. A healthy and well knitted family is expected to maintain a healthy bond for the well sustainable and psychological enhancement of the children. But if the case reverses and the parents are dispersed the sate of family transition has high intensity of affecting the psychology of the children in addition to the mental trauma faced by the parents

The phenomenon of family transition considered in the paper is Divorce. The issue remains a critical one as it architects the structure of the modern society because if the children are being brought up without the conformity of both of the parents. In the similar context if the family structure and the existence of two parts of the world are considered in the following portion (Blake et al., 2003)

Family transition is a well advocated phenomenon in the countries throughout the world. The phenomenon calls for a swift dispersal and separation of a family, including the spouse and the children. In the given context the families are subjected to psychological traumas that may have fatal implications upon the children and the family itself. Many a time it has also been observed that the victims are psychologically disturbed and are sent to a psychiatrist on account of the implication the hostile family transition has upon the family. Different nations and different cultures have varying definition of…

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