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Desecration of Public Education in Urban Settings

Desecration of Public Education

Attack on Public Education

Urban Education

Public Education: A Democratic Demand

Government's Interest in Charter Schools

Why Charter System Needs to be Opposed

Division of the Community

Failing Public Schools will Loose Funding to the Charter Schools

Difference between Public and Charter Schools





Educational Philosophy

No Standard Policies

Peer Pressure and Violence

Lack of Extracurricular Activities

Learning Disabilities

Authority and their Rigid System

Ignorance about Children's Bad Habits

Following measures can be taken to improve public schools

Charter Schools vs. Public Schools

The Basics of Educational Policy: The Pressure for Reform in American Education

The Pressure for Reform in American Education

Traits of Charter Schools

Why Charter Schools Exist in Urban Settings

Why to Save Public Schools 21

Conclusion 23

References 24


The purpose of this research paper is to decipher the truth about private and public education and to express the pros and cons of charter system of education in urban settings. Education is considered the only way to impart kowledge and excel. It is the only measure that can help in making a difference. It is the right of every individual to attain education. It is believed that public system of education is in severe crised thus charter system is the best possible alternate solution in urban settings. It is the only means to eradicate the loses incured by public education system but this is not the reality. Youth needs to analyze a deeper picture. Although charter has gained government backing and support but it is not a fair system like public education. It does not give equal opportunity to every individual, it makes choices while selecting people to impart education. It does not guarantee education for every one. Instead it is dependent on public funding and aims to abolish the weak public schools is the neighbourhood by getting their funds. Thus this paper brings these facts to light so that impulsive decisions about educational system can be avoided and sane and wise decisions can be made by government and individuals. This paper also discusses the advantages of investing in public system of education. It would be wise on the part of the government to improve already existing public schools and expand its infrastructure rather than establishing a new setup as it would be more cost effective and better decision for future growth and progress. These measures can be implemented with the support of the government and can reap fruitful results in near future by saving the minorities and deprived classes and gaining their support by joining in for future growth.


Acquiring education is the right of every individual. It forms the basis of success. No matter how privileged or restircted an individual is, one has the right to acquire atleast basic education. Education helps people to evolve. It gives them an opportunity to rise above the horizon and change their lives positively. It does not only benefit the individual acquiring knowledge but also benefits generations to come. In order to cope up with financial crises faced by any individual, public education system paves a way to get the mission of providing education to the destitute ones. This system of education is the main organization in a society responsible for conveying a mutual culture to a varied people. If the children from dissimilar families share mutual education, class difference would vanish and people would cooperate with better civility. It reflects the commitment of the government to it's nation to give these destitute individuals a better quality of life by helping them acquire education. It is an extraordinary resource for individuals from different races, color, creed belonging to different social setup. It is a useful measure to improve the life of the destitutes by helping them rise above the line. It will give them an opportunity to excel and avail opportunities to progress and this will in turn benefit the government. Providing education to middle class and poor children will help the youth to obtain good jobs and this in turn would reduce the inequalities in wealth and reinforce the country's economic development.In short, public education is a necessary resource to progress. It is a strong system that is essential for the growth and progress of all citizens. Investement in this sector needs to be maintained in order to retain a standard to lessen the gap between private and public education system ( Behrman, 1997). Despite of all these benfits being provided by public system of education, it is losing its significance and position in urban settings. Multiple reasons can be blamed for this downfall of public education in urban settings. One of the major reason for this collapse is the negligence on the part of the government. Government is playing a negative role in public sector which in turn is not only harming the system but is also playing a chief role in economic downfall (Lee, 2008). Many countries facing economic recession are ignorant of the benefits of public education.

Attack on Public Education

Public education is under threat across the globe. Due to global economic recession, states are cutting down their expenses to maintain a stable economy and the sector most affected in this scenario is public education. It's funding is being slashed on a large scale leading to terminations of several teachers and cessation of numerous schools.Fiscal crises is used as a base to attack public sector. Economic crises caused by multiple reasons is being used as an opportunity to weaken and abolish public education ( Lieberman, 1993). The assault on public education is a two party policy which invoves mayors, governers and legislators. Similarly, trade unions are blameworthy who are supporting the government to snub and weaken the system. They have implemented numerous techniques to weaken the system and demotivate them from struggling for their survival. For instance, mass layoffs and wage cuts are the tactics being used to pressurize the system and avoid any reaction. Public education system needs to be secured and improved as it is the only available opprtunity for deprived poor class individuals to excel. Education is the only measure that can be helpful to excel in this era of tremendous growth and devlopment thus acquiring education is the right of every individual so public system needs severe measures to be saved for present as well as future generations.

Urban Education

It is believed that urban education is suffering heavy loss because of the disadvantages it is facing. Trend of private schooling is prevalent in urban settings and because of this pratice numerous problems have been occuring. This is a general perception that private system of education is better than public system and as a result, demand for private system is increasing at a fast pace. The basic belief that led to the development of this perception is that the quality of education and facilities are way better in private sector. The syllabus, facilities, pay scale of faculty and extra curricular activities are better in private sector as compared to public sector. But the question arises that what are the reasons that have resulted in this discrimination among the two sectors. What are the factors that have led to assault of public education overall and specially in urban setup. One of the core reason that has led to the widening of this gap is class difference in the society that has divided people in to classes. The gap between affluent and the destitutes has broadened (Cibulka, 1992).

Public Education: A Democratic Demand

Free public education funded by the government bodies is a democratic demand rather than a socialist demand. This concept cannot be expanded in a social setup where discrimination is prevalent and equality does not hold any value. This system is incompatible in a society where millions of people are robbed off this blessing of free education by government bodies by making false proclamations that there is no money and required resources to keep these schools open and to bear the expenses. Democray fails without well established set up of public education. It is a fact that quality public education plays a vital role in creating awareness. A nation cannot know and handle the power that governs the individuals. Without public education following loses can be suffered:

There can be no source on whom to rely for equality and freedom

Opportunities for developing and realizing individual capacity are abolished

Lack of chances of being among the individuals guiding their own destiny

Above all, lack of opportunities to self-govern

For the survival of democracy, an individual must be aware of the complex demands of the surrounding world. Thus, quality public education is necessary for the acquisition of knowledge to deal with the complexities of the world. Without quality public education in future, democracy fails to survive. The reasons that relate significance of public education with democracy are as follows:

Lack of public education will further divide and enhance the gap between the poor and…

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