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Explain what steps you would take to avoid conflict and misunderstanding with others in the work place, thinking particularly about students and colleagues from other cultures and backgrounds.

The five styles of dealing with conflict are: "Problem-Solve/Collaborate, Fairness, Efficiency, Be Done with It/Compromise, Force/Compete, Choose not to engage/Avoid, Serve/Accommodate." (Culture at Work, n.d.) Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. For example, problem solving is best used when the final resolution to an issue has long reaching consequences. But for any advantage there is also a draw back. For example, problem solving often takes time, energy, effort, and a commitment from all those involved and that is not always easy to get.

Therefore, one must be prepared to use all of the five styles of dealing with conflict because sometimes it is good to be forceful and other times it is best to avoid the conflict all together. The best way to decide which of the five styles is appropriate in a situation is to learn the communication skill of listening to understand which entails not using anger as an initial reaction thus being physically and mentally even keeled. The listening system is a great anger management style of coping with any scenario because when you listen to understand you will receive new insights into the minds of all people no matter what cultural differences exist. Listening to understand usually helps you understand both points-of-view in a situation which then aids in mediation and negotiation and also increasing the chance of receiving cooperation.

2. Identify and list 4 communication skills that may be effective in your school.

The four communication skills that may be effective in my school are: Written communications, Body language, Spoken communications, personal image projected.

3. List the 6 elements that can effect how you send or receive a message.

The six elements of sending and receiving a message are: listening, making eye contact, speaking clearly, being direct, using good grammar, and writing well.

4. Why are different traditions accepted in your school?

The United States has been a culmination of migration from individuals from all over the world and each individual who has come here, be 1492 or 2004, has attempted to maintain a little bit of his or her own heritage and traditions. These traditions have popular notions that stick around forever and they also have some that slowly fade away. The school represents a mix of the traditions of all those who have attended and like America, certain traditions stuck and some faded away.

5. Give an example why it is important to share LOTE (language other than English) and/or others' experiences of living in other regions or cultures.

I was watching the U.S. Open this summer and John McEnroe was announcing a women's match which sported to Russians. McEnroe commented on how worldly these two were when not playing tennis because each spoke several languages and also traveled extensively in the off-season to learn about other cultures. The next comment Mc made was that in his opinion the American people as a whole do not share that same quest to acquire the ability to take advantage of multiple languages. Mc pointed that upon hearing that the Olympic Games were to be held in Greece, the natives there all began feverishly trying to learn new languages to make their future guests feel at home. But, most Americans athletes went to the Greece with only English as an option.

6. Explain the reason for reporting potential problems / issues rather than waiting for an actual conflict to occur.

Being proactive is an excellent way of solving small problems while they are still small. The potential issue of today may be the huge problem of tomorrow.

7. Who would you approach if you were unsure what steps to take to resolve a problem / issue?

The best approach when assistance is need is to utilize your immediate supervisor.

8. List 3 considerations you would make when planning an "under eights" activity day to ensure effective and socially culturally appropriate outcomes. You may choose another similar type of activity to describe if this question is not appropriate to your situation.

9. Discuss with your supervisor a way in which you have communicated with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Make notes on how this communication supports working in the school environment and assists in avoiding misunderstanding and conflict. Identify some of the communication skills you used.

10. Use an example of a school policy, newsletter or other documentation and discuss with your supervisor how the needs of different groups were met. Clarify how consulting with workplace, stakeholder and community groups ensures effective and socially and culturally appropriate outcomes.

A recently read an article regarding the high drop rate of Aboriginal Indians in Canada. The article pointed out how important it was for the school boards to create new policies that could make the Aboriginal Indian children feel more welcome in the schools. But the article also pointed out that policies alone could not reduce the drop out rate. The plan was to create a grass roots effort that included the schools, the local churches and social groups, the families and the children themselves to brainstorm in order to come up with ways to enhance the educational experience. The article pointed out that it takes a community to raise and educate a child.

11 Why have computer-based technologies become available to many more people than was previously the case?

The overall cost of computing has come down to the point that the technology is available to more people. The ease by which software makes working and playing on the computer has also reduced many fear-based reason not to participate. In addition, the internet has provided new innovations such as email to replace previous options like fax and postage.

12. What technologies have provided an alternative to written books?

Today options like computers, television, VCR's and DVD's all can be considered alternatives to the written book. Children today are internet savvy and can actually read faster in a chat room then they can a traditional book.

13. Why is it important to have a strategic plan for implementation of new technology?

People complain that planning takes too much time, but without a good strategic plan in place, a project runs in to more problems that could have been eliminated on paper when it was cheap as opposed to once something has been implemented.

14. What factors could influence the choice of new technology?

The most obvious factor is usually cost when a new technology becomes available as an option. But other issues like ease of use, longevity and safety also come to mind.

15. What factors influence productivity and efficiency when introducing new technologies to the workplace?

The key to influencing productivity is usually in the training aspects related to implementation. If you have a new computers in class that are fast and efficient but no one in the room knows how to work them, then they are nothing more than glorified paper weights.

16. The school has asked you to respond to the factors that you would consider when introducing a new technology to your workplace. The new technology may be an application that has recently introduced into your school/classroom. You may use the following questions as headings or not use headings at all if you prefer to use report format.

What technology improvement is expected? The database program Microsoft Access is a relational database that has the power to be utilized by a professional programmer or a clerk in the office with no computer skill other than some minor training.

What are the associated financial costs? The software bundles into the Windows Office package but is pricy in the terms of server licensing fees. The program for the professional software version can run as high as $120 annually with free version upgrades or $600 one time with no new upgrade options.

How long will it take to implement the use of the new technology? The software is easy to install on individual PC's or it can be loaded on a server and distributed to the network nodes. Turn around time for software installation is minimal but ht training so individuals are proficient could take up to six weeks.

How well will existing resources and procedures support the introduction of the new technology and what changes may be necessary? The software could eliminate a great many redundant paper trails and could easily centralize all types of information from student name and address files to the complete physical education department inventory and everything in between. Simplified cost analysis can be accomplished once a database is updated. Getting rid of all the old sheets of paper will be a blessing.

What are the benefits and possible wider costs to the work place? The key will be more efficient inventory control which will also provide ways of measuring financial outcomes.

What policies and procedures will need to be adopted or revised…

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