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(From Admissions to Recruitment: The Professionalization of Higher Education Admissions) Let us remember here that SAT depends a lot on educational knowledge, apart from intelligence. Yet for this test there are no methods directly of teaching, but the results of students depend more on the general methods of teaching in an institution. Once again, one sees that the curriculum is less important than the methods of passing information on to the students. Of course the curriculum has to be in line with the requirement of information today, but those details are available with teachers in the subject.

This has led to a number of changes in the total system of college education and there are now a number of units that are to be covered in each term. These units consist of a variety of tasks in terms of speaking and listening, as well as reading and writing. This provides the students suitable opportunities to increase their capacity of speaking and listening. These also involve a certain amount of role play and the needed capacity to improvise. These take play not only with the total group in the class but also in terms of small groups. For literature the required varieties to be covered includes texts which were compiled before 1914, as also non-literary and media portions. There are requirements to meet a number of developments that are sought in the students. The individual reading to be conducted by every student is high in class and is expected to continue for at least half an hour in a week. (Park View Community School)

The usefulness and importance has also been realized and the students of today are expected to make use of it for the purpose of finding out their requirements through it in terms of literature, life histories, etc. This is a part of the national Literacy Framework and the teaching aims are finally expected to shape up the course. (Park View Community School) it is wrong to say that changes in curriculum can be decided by individuals, but it also requires the understanding of the capacities of the students, and the best way of understanding that is to experiment on them when they are learning in practice. Of course one has to keep in mind the objectives of the course and see to it that the objectives are always met in any change of curriculum.

It is sometimes felt that changes in curriculum of senior levels are different from the curriculum at lower levels. For this purpose let now have a look at the lowest levels of education and that is the pre-school section. It is of course open to doubt as to whether these can be said to have curriculum in the strictest sense of the term, and at least it does not have one in the Roman sense. The requirements of teaching here include the quality of ethos that is built up, including a caring atmosphere, good relationships and the development of appropriate behavior. (Chief Inspector's Report: 1999-2002)

For a proper education to be given, it is important that the center maintains the required relationship with the parents of the children and inform them regularly of the work that is being done in the center. They also have a variety of play programs and these provide a satisfactory or important range of the activities in these programs. The development of children includes the development of their language, as well as personal, social and emotional aspects. For the development to take place the staff has to plan the assignment, the children have to experience some amounts of science and technology, the children have to develop required physical skills, the sessions have to be organized, special arrangements have to be made for children who have special requirements and continuous improvements have to be made in certain areas of teaching.

The aspects of education that requires regular changing are the extent to which the play sessions last and these have to be supplemented by a large range of activities so that the positive aspects of individual children may be exposed. The other aspect for which special care has to be taken is the development of the language, and the personal, social and emotional behavior of the children. This is different in individual children and development requires special care. There are new systems being developed for this purpose and an enormous amount of research going on about the subject. The main reasons determining the improvement that will take place depends on the capacity of the staff to plan and arrange activities, the previous experience of the children to science and technology, the on-going development of physical skills of the children, the settlement of the sessions into a proper system so that the children can get the best benefit out of them and meeting the requirements of children with special needs. (Chief Inspector's Report: 1999-2002) it is clear that this will also keep changing as most aspects of life are continually changing, and the system of education accordingly will change. This can be easily perceived when one compares the schools of yester years with the schools of today.

There are of course some solutions to the problems of education in primary schools and these also can be detailed. The first are of problem is the lack of concentration or attention within a group of students. To solve this, one may try changing the seating of the students or even the composition of the group itself, or choosing a quiet are for the class where the child may find it easier to concentrate, or find out the best time when the child is able to concentrate and then the class may be conducted, or change the nature or length of the educational tasks given to the children through use of practical work, paper, pencil, problem solving, physical tasks, etc. It may be possible to use background music so that the children can concentrate, or give the children some form of rewards for being able to complete the tasks, or develop private signals with the child so that they can refocus on the task. (Inclusion: Access to Learning for All)

The problem is that the nature of children varies and the solutions are more difficult when one considers that a group of children work in a class and is it really to apply these theories to an entire group. The problem may also not be with the child, but may be with the teacher or the environment or some other factors. All these contribute to educational difficulties and may be viewed independently as a problem of education. The methods should be treated as problems no doubt, but these often have no permanent solutions, and this may lead to students not getting the education that they deserve. In spite of attending schools, Albert Einstein was not considered to be a good student as his way of thinking differed from the regular students, and his genius could only be realized when he started his research. Even his research was affected by the decisions of the then government as was the research of Fermi and others.

One has to remember that in life we exist in a group and our qualities are a lot affected by the qualities of the group that we are in touch with. At the same time, the group also changes with our progress in life, from school to college to working life, and so on. We also change cities, and have a lot of other groups that we are associated with like church, friends, neighbors, etc. All groups reflect our capacity and education and we learn from all groups. This leads to success coming in different areas, and a person who is not a good student in school is not necessarily a useless individual and his qualities may be reflected elsewhere. This is due to the curriculum in the other area where he has been exposed. Thus one need not think of curriculum being only in schools or colleges, but in life overall.


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