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McDonald's Restaurants Order

'McDonalds Restaurants

From as far back as 3500 BC to around 2900 BC, according to the History of Communication, at, the author, Mary Bellis, notated that the Phoenicians developed the alphabet within this time frame while the Sumerians found cuneiform writing which was a form of pictographs of accounts on tables made of clay, and Egyptians had built hieroglyphic writing. It wasn't until 14 AC when the Romans created the postal service, and it was not until 1980 years later in 1994 that the United States administration unconfined power of the Internet and the World Wide Web was distributed as a type of communication at the speed of light (2011). Since the change with the Internet in May 1995 when the National Science Foundation ended its support so all the web's traffic relied on commercial networks then the next thing you know businesses, educational centers, public libraries, homes, offices, and technological industry companies were able to provide their own way. After Microsoft get big with Bill Gates in 1998 multimedia communication is well on its way to being very successful and phenomenal as to what it can do today (Howe, 2010). In today's world the definition to communication in the economy of a particular market takes on a broader explanation and is more than just talking to someone about selling and buying, and over time communication has went from types of writing and using symbols such as Morris code through typewriters and word processors to telephones and computers to even smaller devices such as iPods, blackberries, and other online accessories can take wherever you want to converse and interact with others especially on the many different types of cell phones. While multimedia has been changing so has the way every marketing interaction has been put out there for consumers and buyers in how they are distributed, promoted, advertised, presented, evaluated, displayed, showcased, modeled, as well as, the way companies come together with other investors and businesses to communicate other discussions, presentations, and marketing strategies and goals by using innovative technology and contemporary multimedia devices show their buyers the significance of the products they intend or already market (Teow, 1998).

Yet when people think of multimedia within the business world must realize it is more than one synchronized awarding standard like a CD-ROM or a website, even though still pictures and icons are a special means than wording, multimedia is usually utilized to signify the amalgamation of words, symbols, down, and active filming. However it is crucial to have multimedia as part of a business because it includes the sound, the content, the images, videos, and the different display areas where the productions are created over and over again like in actual situations where concerts, speakers, and actors may be performing or possibly a commercial or video set where the advertising and promotion of a product is being carried out, a movie or TV show, or when people get online and see all the attributes to a television commercial that includes communicating about the products, talking to others about the company, showing customers what services they provide, with attention grabbing content that list the features and advantages of their merchandise over a competitors, and sometimes there is even music playing in the background to assist the marketing group in enhancing the products and services to where they sell more easily. It's just like the largest fast food chain in America as well as across the globe which is McDonald's restaurants, and the administration and corporate headquarters of the restaurants are constantly and continuously changing their multimedia affects to increase sales regardless of whether it's advertising a new menu item, information on their website about employment opportunities, or videos on the website for the new recruits to watch to learn about the company.

Like McDonald's and many other competitors as well as millions of other types of businesses use different types of multimedia to create more success within their restaurants because they use different types of communication in order to spread the message about what they are currently doing just like the commercials that come on television that show the different menu items, current promotions, new products, and other information that is relevant to shareholders and suppliers and buyers to create a larger profit to build more store locations because they can attract different target populations to reach their financial goals. However, in order for McDonald's restaurants to send a message about what they are selling and currently have on the market the administrative offices of marketing and sales and advertising must come up with different types of organizational strategies to help them learn how to first recognize consumers they want to interest which is a lot easier said than done when team members of these highly competitive restaurants come together to determine how they plan to do so. A lot of time it's invested in meeting with investors and upper-level management within the marketing and advertising departments to discuss how to recognize certain consumers and target populations because there are many different ways to approach getting the interest of potential customers.

McDonald's restaurants are very competitive and just like any other fast food restaurant because they have to consider the geographic areas they are in, types of sub-societies that live in that area, adjust current products and employee pay rates so that the locals can't afford to eat their, what products sell the most and the least, last month's and annual financial statements, what products and services need to be carried out and which ones need to be done away with because they're costing the company money. For example a lot at McDonald's are in areas that are close to shopping centers, and they know that most of the shoppers within that region have school age children therefore that restaurant may focus on adding a playground indoors, outdoors, or both because personnel knows that these shoppers must bring their kids and most parents need a break while shopping and McDonald's the perfect place to go. Therefore when these goals and targets customers are identified these restaurants must come up with ways to spread the word and communicate while they are individual and are different but better than their competitors within that area. That is why multimedia is so important in communicating because McDonald's uses these strategies and techniques in order to let their customers know what they are doing in their area because these changes and projects are important to the regulars as well as interesting potential consumers in the future. The images in the gallery range from the food that is on the menu including breakfast, lunch, salads, snacks, goodies, their logos, pictures of their locations, media contacts and centers, historical photos of older restaurants and owners and how technology has transpired, and the social aspects around the globe.

McDonald's restaurants are all around the world, and on their website their interaction with other stores is phenomenal, and they have an updated list of their corporations along with their social links online with other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So, for example if someone were to view this page they would see a list of all the different geographical areas that McDonalds is located in all around the world with bold listings of North and Latin American, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African McDonalds restaurants. A lot of the restaurants have their extended social links added so that people can view what is going on with that restaurant within that area. For example, the McDonalds of Mexico under the Latin American list has all three social networking sites listed that they are a part of, and if a buyer or seller or anyone of interest were to go to the Facebook page of the Mexican McDonalds they will see these restaurants Facebook page for the McDonalds in that country. Many people all over Mexico go to the site to discuss what they like and love at McDonalds and make comments on the menu items they have tried and converse with other people who post comments. This is a strategy to help McDonalds improve in the locations where they are built because the managers and corporate offices will know what people love, what people want more of, what they do not really care for, and what are some of the issues that are going on within stores to help these executives make some wiser buying and marketing decisions for the future to increase revenues and profits. The idea is to get these customers talking openly at the restaurants' social networking spots so they recognize what the customers want and target certain populations and products to increase revenues.

McDonalds goes above and beyond in communicating with other corporations within their same company except for in different parts of the world and believe and established a multitude of trained employees and a Global External Communications -- Media Relations committee of contacts on their website in the media…

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