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¶ … Writing Program Curriculum Plan

A brief Description of Students:

The students are learners of English as a second language in a high school in Saudi Arabia.

Learning Objects and outcomes:

The knowhow of science

Employ literary techniques to observe the phenomena of genetic ideas and in-vitro fertilization (Student's final work)

To provide the students a comprehension about construction existing branches in science (Student's final work)

Make use of science to work human related problems

Analyze the factual data

Analyzing problems from a social perspective

Look into literary texts with scientific background

The students take lessons from the unit while enforcing them in higher educational domains (High school and college domains)

Learning Resources:

This includes newspaper / journals, articles and textbooks relating to genetic engineering and IVF. Pupils will make video presentations and compose texts based on each video (Sample syllabus lineup)

Assessment and Evaluation:

A summary of the unit (Subject is about in-vitro fertilization/genetic notions)

Field Building (Day 1) - (Sample syllabus lineup)


Subject orientation:

-- the instructor will start an introductory session on the topic

-Pupils will read from textbook the chapter necessary to facilitate better understanding (Sample Curriculum Plan)

A question and answer will take place where the teacher will assess the student's knowledge pertaining the subject and their scope of learning

(Assessment: Questions are assembled from the first lecture and teacher's question and answer session with students) (Sample Curriculum Plan)

(Aim: familiarization to theme / subject)

2) Orientation of discussion

Teacher will concentrate on the text / material needed for discussion to take place (Sample syllabus lineup)

Teacher will conduct a session on why people require IVF / IVF procedure

Students will jot down their own idea about IVF after the discussion

(Assessment: Teacher's note of student understanding)

(Purpose: Discussing the theme of IVF in detail) (Sample syllabus lineup Plan)


Scanning text: (Sample syllabus lineup)

-Class will conduct a class reading session to find data on genetic engineering

-Students will be conducting a class read on topic related to inheritance

-- the teacher will initiate a discussion on text scanning (Sample syllabus lineup)

(Assessment: Writing assignment on how inheritance material can change and find relevant information) (Sample Curriculum Plan)

(Aim: Developing individual skills of reading and comprehending the sense of the texts under review. Pupils will learn reading tough texts and understanding its content)

Field Building (Day 2):

4) Detailed text reading: Genetic Engineering (Text A) (Student's final work)

Teaching will initiate reading (Sample Curriculum Plan)

Students will make a summary diagram / analysis of the writing

Students will compose texts relating to the text

(Making an assessment-summary diagram, analyze the text thoroughly and compose a short summary of the text)

(Purpose- Stimulate Strengthen English vocabulary and establish modeling texts perspective)


Detailed Reading Text: Determination of sex and surrogacy (Sample syllabus lineup)

-- the instructor will initiate reading

-Students will draw a comparison of both writings

-Students will read source text and analyze it

(Evaluation: Comparing text)

(Purpose: Study the writings from a critical standpoint and signify the main points of the writing)

Field Building (Day 3):


Merging different opinions about the subject (Sample Curriculum Plan)

-Students will voice out their opinions about IVF and what's their perspective about its merits and demerits.

(Evaluation: Merits and demerits of being listed and instructor's scrutiny of pupils voicing their opinion / involvement and looking into texts with authors having different opinions on the subject)

(Assessment: Merits and demerits under consideration and teacher's observing the vocal opinion / participation and analysis of the writing whilst debating the opinions of other writers on the subject matter)

(Purpose: Argue and openly discuss the subject at hand. To contrast two diverse views and in what way opinions are related) (Sample Curriculum Plan)

Modeling/Deconstruction (Day4):

7) Familiarizing with aim of social dialogue (Student's final work)

Students will list down the merits and demerits in module text 1

Students will perform a text type and objectives (Student's final work)

Teacher will initiate a discussion on social aim (Dialogue and description) and text type

(Assessment: Text type matching, purposes and jotting down merits and demerits)

(Purpose- Detect the aim of dialogue)


Familiarize with stages of discussions (Sample Curriculum Plan)

The teacher will initiate a demo of discussion and analysis of model text 1 'genetic engineering'

-Groups will stamp phases on Model text 1

Groups will conduct a rearrangement of mixed up model text 2 'sex determination' for jotting...


The video session must show that student has composed the presentation from the work done in text. The duration of the video must be two minutes and should have a scientific source. The sources to be employed will be decided by the instructor and presented in front of the class. The text written must have a length of three pages which doesn't include title page and citation page.
Part 2: Resources for the Joint (Re)writing lesson/stage

(It's employed for planning and composing a discussion together)- Analyzed Reading Text "Genetic Engineering" and "Sex Determination"

They will be scrutinized for key language features basically and observe some features of generic construction

(Students will make use of it while composing their text / presentation in the Individual Planning and Writing a Discussion section)- Analyzed Writing Text(s)

The student's composition / presentation will be examined by the teacher after conclusion

(To be employed during planning and Writing an argument together)- Language Task

-Teachers / pupils will inspect language features of the text and detect their obligation in argument relating to the subject

(It will employed in individual planning and composing a discussion section)-Video/Technology

-- the students will make use of video segment during the textual composition of the write up.

(The final text composition / presentation by the students will account for ten percent of student's final marks in the subject. Students can review and critique each other presentation constructively and give their suggestions. The class is permitted to questions that arise during the presentation. The duration of the video must be two minutes in duration. Presentation duration should be from five to ten minutes. Exemplary presentations will be shown in the parent teacher meeting conference for shedding light on TLC curriculum in November)

Part 3: Exegesis describing, explaining and justifying the curriculum plan.

In most educational establishments, students who will probably fail are likely to surpass expectations at the conclusion of the curriculum (Horarik 2002). Students will need to comprehend the power of different genres and other aspects of language / literature, when they take part in social activities as well as textual commitments in school and in future. Subjective literacy is a useful method of achieving that. Combining literacy with learning about multiple subjects is an endeavor that all teachers need to make (Horarik 2002). The benefit is an increased level of knowledge in the subject and literacy.

While designing a curriculum plan, it's imperative to ensure that it gives knowledge about a particular subject first and move towards professional academic learning (Horarik 2002). With the advancement of students, they learn via language. They will read texts that are tougher, challenging, abstract as well as technical and seldom figurative in nature (Heyland 2007). College level and high school education are two instances, its relevant to begin from middle school; 8th grade especially which leads to high school and college level education. The teachers and institutions need to take in consideration the context for students at hand and texts; they will come across in forthcoming years (Heyland 2007).

Science is a field where students face mental toll in case of comprehending the subject at hand as well as literacy (Horarik 2002). For instance, certain students have a tough time explaining the scientific overviews of a scientific concept (Horarik 2002). They can't conduct a scientific study when they…

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