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Radio Corporation of America

Company History

Company Structure

Company Role in Shaping Culture

Response to Change

Technological Change

Social/Cultural Change

The communication is seen as a major contributor in terms of its wide range of impacts on society, culture, and technology developments. There are only few events in the history that completely reformed the communications functions. These events are movies, talkies, radio, television, and innovations of internet. The company chosen as a case study has influenced technology used to broadcast including radio and television. The significance of the company is also evident through their commitment to innovation. The corporation played an important role in shaping global cultures and societies through radio, television, and recorded music.

The idea of wireless communications originated from multiple sources and it is also a significant development. The history reveals that sound was introduced in films through experimentation in late 19th and early 20th century. The business was later commercialized after incepting market demand. The appreciation of sound coupled with films instigated the commercial organizations and professionals to innovate devices and technology. The impact sound created on the audience also initiated the need for a wireless communications device that is able to transmit voice signals through air. The talking movie displayed in USA was a notable success as compared with other developed countries. Europe followed U.S. success in sound and it was later followed by Japan (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2011).

The communications industry including print, movie, music, and television used innovations in processes and technology by integrating experiments of films, sound, electronics, and various devices. The ignition of radio service in 1920s was also a major development in United States. The transistor radio proved out to be a success in the market. The idea of transmitting signals in air was transformed into a primary communications means through an initiative of United States government. The motive behind was to create a means for entertainment, news, and educating public through effective communications. IT is also significant to note that the public could not have imagined a continuous access to entertainment, music, and current happenings through a device placed in their own homes and workplaces.

The initial ideas were also driven by the military communication advancements and application of electronic circuits to achieve the desired results. The radio transmissions content highlighted the social, cultural, political issues, and entertainments. The flow of ideas was at its roll to create an innovative content. The features of voice were also important to deliver the required sense of the content. The radio communications posed a profound effect on audience. The major company involved in the radio communications was Radio Corporation of America (RCA). A brief about the history of the company is provided in the after mentioned section. It has also experienced rise and fall in radio communications. A number of transformations were incorporated in the radio broadcasting with the technological advancements and chaining market demands. These changes were not only derived from technology but at the same time the requirements of changes also aroused through cultural and social demands of the market.

Company History:

The company chosen to reflect communication and cultural impacts is RCA. The corporation has a long history of events, transformations, and impacts on the culture. The long history of the business can be tracked since its inception in 1919 (RCA). It was incorporated through a governmental initiative to support the radio communication and launch a device as radio transistor. It is also notable that the early 20th century has also witnessed developments in key communication technologies as well as the devices to support production and broadcasting. The notable developments of the era are motion pictures, voice in films, music recording, and reproduction. The initiation of these developments can be regarded as one of the major step forward in communications and information. The foundation stone to highlight the importance of information and cultural developments is also laid in this era.

The RCA was a venture formulated through assets of Marconi Wireless Company, General Electric (GE), and government of United States. The patients of GE were used to initiate the developments. The initial sales of the radio unite were 5000 which increased up to 2.5 million since 1924. RCA also purchased the Victor taking machine and launched a major revolution in the industry through offering a free to air music as well as recorded music (Campbell et al., 2011). It is also an important fact that the company spotted a potential market of 30 million listeners across the country and launched a national radio network in 1926. It was a historic development creating an impact on the communications industry. The creation of large number of audience also experienced increased sales in radio and record playing devices. The music, live debates, entertainment content, and live matches commentary was highly appreciated. The creation of NBC was one of the landmarks from where the sales of radio and target market for the audience were on a boast.

The huge number of sales for radio and victor talking machines phonograph provided the necessary motivation for research and development from the key venture partners for a television device. It was through a vision that the American public would appreciate the presence of a motion pictures and voice in their homes. After 10 years of rigorous experimentation in 1939 the television was displayed in the New York Fair. It coasted around $50 million to develop a marketable device. The rose Bowl parade was the first among the colored broadcasts and it was about time that the production and sales of the colored television started in 1954. The colored television market was on a rise until 1962- 1963. The home entertainment market later witnessed that RCA entering into VHS video cassatas, DVDs, High definition TVs, and Home theaters. The company is considered a reliable brand for quality and affordability. The company played a vital role in innovations, technology developments, and experimentations of communications industry. Finally the role of the organization in marketing innovative lab experiments through commercial channels for ordinary consumers has multidimensional effects on public, culture, and communications (RCA).

Company Structure:

The business as mentioned earlier was a joint venture of government of America, General Electric, and Marconi Wireless Company. The company was managed through a board of governors as a trust. The business experienced multiple changes in its structure. The acquisition of Victor talking machine in 1929 was one of the events when Sarnoff spotted an opportunity to get independence from the GE. In 1930s a law suit was filed by the government of America against RCA regarding usage of its patients. In the meantime David Sarnoff was made executive vice present of the company to independently run its operations. The move was made by the corporate owners of RCA (Graham, 1989).

Since then the company experienced change its structure and operations. The operations were integrated on a corporate structure based on the self-contained model of processes. The later developments were focused on transforming the company structure into a holding company. The manufacturing facilities of GE were also taken over the company. The victor was also named as RCA Victor Company. RCA was structured as a holding company by mid 1930s having its operations in broadcasting networks, international communications service, manufacturing, and R&D. The revenues of the business crossed the $100 million in 1936. The Sarnoff was named as its president (Graham, 1989). The influence of red tape and a number of government departments is evident on the developments of the organization. The company sought its future through formal organizational charts and hierarchy. A formal organizational structure is present in the company operations.

Company Role in Shaping Culture:

The communications industry as a whole is recognized as a catalyst for chaining technology, cultures, heritage, and public opinions. The impact of communications means on ordinary public cannot be undermined. The developments in 19th and 20th century have profound impacts in the culture and opinions of the ear. It is noted that a number of political and cultural issues are raised and highlighted through usage of soft means e.e. music, films, and newspaper. The era of communications development in 1920 till date has witnessed several changes in the society initiated through extensive campaigns through communications media. The developments of wireless communications have widely affected the cultures and societies. The American society has also experienced a number of changes in their culture through radio, television, movies, and theater. The informal means of communications has an extensive reach for public at large (Campbell et al., 2011).

RCA played a vital role in creating a culture for radio broadcast not only in United States but international communities were also affected through its innovations. The launch of radio broadcast is one of the first developments of the business. The later developments included offering products with an option to play recorded music. It provided the liberty for consumers to play their desired media. The profound impact of radio broadcast is evident through sales growth of radio transistors detailed in the above…

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