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Genetic Disease

It is very clear, that today's focus on genetic technology and its claim has been having some vital insinuations for healthcare at the present time and also in the future. Nurses need to recognize the position of assimilating new knowledge of genetics into their performances and be capable of helping patients to be able to manage with their genetic foundation of various diseases. Nurses likewise will need to know how to do things such as examine their own values, attitudes, and beliefs regarding hereditarily acquired diseases so as to deliver satisfactory and ethical nursing care to people from all over.

Interdisciplinary Team

The suitable members for an interdisciplinary team to get information for the first visit are a people such as the registered nurse because they would be the one that would have some kind of genetic knowledge, a genetic counselor, a high risk obstetrician likewise recognized as a Perinatologist primary care provider, and a then there would be the social worker.

Reasonable for Interdisciplinary Team

It is important to have a registered nurse that has some kind of genetic knowledge because it is really essential for the initial visit, it need to be a time to come and make some kind of initial valuation of the pregnant mother. The person that is considered to be the primary care provider understands the patient and their previous mental and physical well-being. The person that is the genetic counselor will be someone that has all of the educational background and training in regards to the hereditary and genetics illnesses. The Perinatologists is the one that is supposed to be caring for the mother in the course of her pregnancy and is devoted in pregnancies that are high risk. Now having the social worker is very key because the social worker is a person that is well-informed of the dissimilar organizations which are obtainable for support for the pregnant mother.

Type of Information

The kinds of information that would be anticipated from the registered nurse would involve a lot of things such as patient education, advocating for privacy and confidentiality, family history assessment, health and genetic assessment information, making sure the expectant parents have all of the informed health consent and choices, and the teaching of the difficult subjects that are involved. The primary care doctor is the one that will have the full confidence of the expectant parents and is the person that is the one that can speak with them in regards to the different choices obtainable to them and likewise have them referred for some kind genetic counseling if it is needed. The primary care is the one that will be able to accomplish a physical and psychosocial assessment. The people that are the genetic counselors can do things such as perform cultural, social, ancestry, and spiritual valuations; they can describe inheritance designs, suggest testing, deliver support and deliberate any emotional anxieties that have been brought up after the genetic testing results are talked about. The Perinatologist is able to complete new born and prenatal screenings. It is the job of the social worker who will be the one that will guide the both of the expectant parents with some kind of support groups and services that will be in the community accessible for them to reach.

Teaching Plan

The teaching plan for the Trosack family first visitation would involve things such as the treatment, prognosis, support groups, genetic diagnosis, and suitable recommendations and pregnancy material. The genetic analysis of Tay-Sachs disease is a disorder that is inherited and that will worsen the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. The physician could see a "red circle" which would locate in the back of the child's eyes, and this right off the back would be one of the signs of the disease. At the moment, there is actually no kind of cure for Tay-Sach disease so the emphasis of the treatment is to offer support and comfort. The medics could possibly recommend medicines, feeding tubes, physical therapy, chest physiotherapy, family support and follow up care and organization.

The forecast for Tay-Sach illness even in the best case situation is typically death by the time the child reaches the age of 4 because of recurring chronic contagions. There are many support groups existing for the parents, for example, the National Tay-Sachs the March of Dimes, Hide and Seek Establishment, the National Organization for rare disorders and Allied Disease Association. Now, Mrs. Trosack is 43 years old and supposed to be a high risk pregnancy. A Perinatologist would be the one that would have the expert exercise in high risk pregnancy care and is the person that will collaborate with nurses, surgeons and any other health care specialists to deliver the best result for the pregnant mother and child. gestational diabetes, Preeclampsia, high blood pressure and miscarriage are all usual when it comes to high risk pregnancy because of pregnancy in woman that are all over the age of 35.

Ethical Inference of Genetic Evidence

Ethical suggestions regarding the obtainability of personal genetic information comprise confidentiality and privacy, patients need accurate, appropriate and complete information so as to make well-versed health choices, and another ethical consequence is whether or not the other members of the family will need to be made conscious of genetic testing outcomes. Does the data really need to be kept confidential? If it does, how is the nurse going to be able to help in making sure that everything is kept confidential and private? Is it right that patients have the liberty to choose whether there needs to be some kind of genetic testing done? Do the babies screenings need to ne be done, and if they do does that mean the information would need to be kept secluded or shared with other family associates. Numerous other insinuations can sometimes come on the scene when there is genetic testing being done. Studies display that although genetic testing can be accommodating at the same time they can reason for this such as emotional and mental conditions and stress for the reason that the patient is left to regulate what would be the best steps to shadow after they are provided with the genetic information.

Personal Feelings and Thoughts

After finding out the learning the genetic outcomes of their unborn child receiving the Tay-Sach disease, I really believed that it was negligent on the part of the Trosacks for selecting to go through with the pregnancy for the reason that they are completely conscious of how this disease will damagingly have such an effect on their child as soon as it comes into the world. It is a choice that is partial to the child since they will be the ones that will be suffering with the illness during the course of their short life on earth. However, I do respect the Trosacks stand on keeping the child and just taking the chance. They both want to do this for religious reasons and personally I completely understand. I do not believe in abortions either and I would have done the exact same thing that these parents are doing which is just trusting in their faith regardless of the diagnosis.

I really believe that advocating for them and then assisting them consent to what their infant and child will go through in the future should be the main goal along with what is essential to get them through their trials and emotions. As being their advocate it would be my hope to make sure that they are being assisted with everything that they will need in order to make their life so much easier. It would be vital for me to make sure that this family gets all the counseling that they will need in order to make sure that they have. It is also important for me to advocate for a healthy pregnancy, encouraging her to eat well, exercise, and attend all her prenatal appointments with her obstetrician.


As the Trosacks sponsor the nurse, it would really benefit them by getting together some kind of interdisciplinary team that would assist them from the early visit, by means of the pregnancy and during the course of the life of the child. However, the nurse is the one that is going to help them get economic support, support groups, and would uphold their privacy and would even make sure that they would not feel alone when it came to standing by them and their parents decision in regards of not giving away the child or even having it aborted. The nurse is going to be the one that is going to have to act as an advocate that will notify the Trosacks in regards to the informed genetic linked decision making and also on how the family are the ones that get to make the decision on what is supposed to best for them.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Ethical and legal considerations are sometimes can be extremely complex. The…

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